The Breaux-mance Honeymoon: Wellington

We made our way south, with a day-long layover in Wellington so that we could explore the city.  I’m sure it’s gorgeous on a sunny day, but it was pretty gray & windy while we were there.


We stored our luggage at the airport and took a bus into town, then went up a gondola to see the Botanical Gardens.


LOVE my lululemon vinysa scarf – perfect for travel.  Thanks for the recommendation Mandy!!


David’s always telling me to model, then I get tired…


And fake smile..


And then say I’m done!


David’s favorite flower in the gardens.  They gardens are pretty extensive and a good walk about – worth seeing if you’re there and want to stretch your legs.




Their herb gardens were awesome!  Look at the dill!


We also visited the Te Papa museum which is right on the waterfront and is free.  It was worth the trip & pretty informative for a free museum, though there were a lot of crowds since it was Friday.  Be the afternoon we were pretty tired from walking and re-boarded our plane which set out to the South Island!

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