The Breaux-mance Honeymoon: Out and About in Taupo

You might have been able to tell from the previous posts that the weather in the North Island was not too great.  In fact, they are having one of their worst summers ever in New Zealand – gray and dreary.  You can’t plan for the weather, so we’ve just been doing our activities regardless, but it’s a bit unfortunate since David said the first time he came to NZ it was sunny every day!  On top of the weather issue, David was sick the whole North Island, but he was a trooper and did not complain.

Anyway, here are a few shots of us out and about enjoying the Taupo lake area.

Huka Falls


Oreiki Koreki Thermal Area


Delish prawn/smoked salmon salad lunch at the Glass Blowing Café & views of Lake Taupo.  The seafood here is amazing!  Signing off… next up is the South Island.


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