2011 Goals Recap

Hey y’all – I only have two days left until we fly out to Hawaii!  It is so surreal that I’m getting married in just over a week!  December has been super busy for us.  Here’s a quick recap of what you missed:

Lots of Christmas parties; below is us at A Christmas Carol with David’s work colleagues – loved it!

Our very own early Christmas celebration.  We unwrapped presents for each other as well as a couple wedding presents.  And Santa got me a dehydrator – super excited!  Just haven’t had time to play with it yet.

 Tons of wedding related online shopping.  For example, David ordered 6 rings on Amazon before he found the one he wanted.  Silly boy 🙂

And home cooking whenever I could!  We’ve had way too many dinners out.  Still lovin’ my dutch oven 😉

So for today, here’s a post I prepared earlier that I wanted to get out before the end of the year:

2011 Goals Recap

You haven’t been hearing much about monthly goals lately, and there’s good reason for that – my monthly goals have been revolving around the wedding.  One month it was the dress; another the vendors; another announcements/registrty.  You get the idea.  But I haven’t lost sight of my 2011 goals that I set up in Google Docs last January.  Does anyone else love crossing things off lists as much as I do?!   I crossed a lot off this year; it feels great.

Strength Train, Rock Climb, or Swim 2x per week.  I’m proud to say that this one is definitely checked off the list!  I LOVE Body Pump which I try to go to twice weekly and I did a lot of swimming in the fall preparing for my triathlons.  I’ve done less rock climbing than I’d like the second half of this year, but it’s something that will come back when we have more time.

Read 1 book/month average.  Pretty sure I’m there, though not counting specifically.  Just got a Kindle, so I suspect stats will go up for 2012.

Update blog at least 4x/mo.  The blog has reached >100 posts!

Run a <2hr half marathon.  This took a lot of weekend runs + speed training but it is done – Boo ya Dallas!

Complete a triathlon.  Here and here.  I did not complete a stretch goal of an olympic-distance tri, but I’m pretty happy with the two tris I did.

Continue a healthy lifestyle.  We kept our small balcony garden alive for the most part, but had difficulty in the hot summer.  I’ve been cooking fairly often, enjoying our CSA produce and making good use of the Vitamix and mini juicer!   And I think my fitness has been fairly well-rounded (including strength, cardio and some yoga)

Travel to at least one new place.  This year was Portland. 

Two drinks max.  I didn’t keep to this completely (due to some Bachelorette parties & celebrations), but I definitely drank in moderation and kept it to two most times.  I enjoyed parties much more this way.

Climb consistent 5.9s.  While climbing earlier in the year I did complete a number of 5.9s – I don’t think I’d be able to go back and do them now, and I wasn’t always consistent with them.

Take 2 hobby-related classes.  I took a couple cooking and canning classes and painting early in the year, but I could do better on this one.

Expand social circle through activities/hobbies.  With our hectic travel schedule & wedding planning I didn’t do a great job on my social life this year.  My plan is to be in Houston a lot more next year!

2011 has FLOWN by – I’m pretty pleased with the goals I’ve accomplished, and now I have just one left on the list – get married 🙂

2 thoughts on “2011 Goals Recap

  1. WOW!!!Now I’m so tired just reading your goals. You are amazing my dear granddaughter.I do love you so and so glad that we are friends,too!!Send lots of wedding pics for me. I would love to be there so so much…
    Oh, Britt and David I am so happy for you both and I can say..I adore David…He has a great heart and caring and it shows..Granny

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