A Very Merry Breaux Christmas

I’m very happy to say… I did it!  I made my 2011 goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon!  This one was no walk (or run) in the park either.  It was the most miserably wet run I’ve ever done.  But more to come on that later!  First a post on the events leading up to the half, which included a mini Christmas celebration with the Breauxs/Knights/almost Breaux (<– me!)

Friday night was quiet – lots to do around the house and some packing.  I decided I’d made Sweet & Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds from 101 Cookbooks to take as a snack.  We had a pumpkin that was about to go bad – so the least I could do was use its seeds (the pumpkin flesh itself was no good).  The seeds came out perfectly and were slightly addicting!  Someone couldn’t keep their hands off while I photo-ed.

I packed my clothes and our snacks for the weekend.  I like filling a mini lulu bag with nut butter, Larabars, Clif bars, and Protein bars, rice cakes, fruit leather (for David), Airborne/Nuun, and the pumpkin seeds.  I also took gf spaghetti, gf waffles, GUs, gatorade, and lots of coconut water.  I think I packed more food than clothes 🙂

Our plan was to head to Dallas early Saturday morning and spend the day with David’s family.  We would celebrate our unofficial early Christmas, since we wouldn’t see each other again until Hawaii (our wedding location).  My Saturday morning was perfect:

First, green juice!  This one was 1 green apple, 2 handfuls spinach, 4 carrots, & a knob of ginger.  A little sweet for my taste, but good.  David hadn’t been feeling well, so I gave him a glass too.

Next, was breakfast – I had been craving some glorious protein pancakes all week.

Finally I got ready and bundled up in my Uggs since we would be headed to chilly Dallas.

Toasty 😉  It’s true, I either wear work clothes or lululemon.  Next year maybe I’ll attempt to work on a real wardrobe!

We drove to Dallas and met David’s sister & brother in-law (Laura & Bryan) at the race expo, then all headed to Whole Foods for lunch, where we also met Mr. & Mrs. Breaux.  I convinced them to eat at my fave place since there was something to please everyone – soup, hot bar, pizza, etc., and they loved it!

I had brown rice, balsamic veggies, tofu, and massaged kale with a coconut water.  I would have had Indian food if they had any there, but it was probably for the better that I ate a pretty normal meal the day before the race anyway.

After lunch we did some shopping, then a started on our big pasta dinner.  Laura was great to cook for and host us.  Mrs. Breaux was elated to lay on the couch and hang out with Phoebe (Laura’s dog) while her daughter cooked!  I don’t blame her.

We ate some delicous pasta then exchanged a few gifts.  I’m pretty psyched about a new purse and kindle touch!!  Can’t wait to load it up with books for the wedding/honeymoon travels.

To top off the Christmas spirit, we took a quick drive over to see Gordon Lights – a house with lights synced to Christmas music.  Totally awesome!  Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT_IuhM5FkU

You just drive up to the house, then tune your car to its radio station, and you’ll get to see the light show.  A fun attraction if you live in the Dallas area!

After a few songs, we drove home and had to set up our running gear.  At this point, we knew it was most certainly going to be a rainy run, and we’d just have to deal.

Check back soon for a very wet running recap post!

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