Taper Week

Happy Friday everyone!  The week is winding down and I’m getting ready for the Dallas Whiterock Half Marathon that David & I are running on Sunday with his sister, Laura, & her husband, Bryan.  His parents are also coming up to cheer us all on 🙂

We might be running in cold, rainy conditions on Sunday, but that makes it more hardcore right? (cringe)

One of my 2011 goals has been to run a sub 2-hour half marathon.  This is a big step up for me, since my marathon 2 years ago was around an 11 minute pace.  I had to cut that to a 9:00 min/mi pace, so I’ve been training hard to do so.  And trust me, I’m not a natural runner.  You would know immediately if you watched me run 🙂

So with my goal in mind, I’ve been “tapering” and taking it easy this week.  This means only light workouts for me – Body Pump early in the week, a short run, and even walking… which I never do!  I enjoyed a 20 minute walk while catching up on Fitness Magazine.  I can’t help it; magazines are a vice.

And of course I followed my walk by some core work.

Other than that, the week has been filled with experimental smoothies & chocolate.  Today’s was a Chococlate-Cayenne smoothie.  Not bad, but I’m still working to perfect the recipe before posting it.  The idea is oats/banana based, chocolate almond milk, chocolate powder and 1/4-1/2 t Cayenne.

I added some spinach so it would turn a nice sludge color to take to the office.

Whatever you do, use regular Cayenne and not Cajun-style 40-gazillion heat units Cayenne like I did last week!  Whew, way too spicy for the morning.  It will give your system too much of a jump start 😦

And, if like me you aren’t sick of chocolate yet, make some Amazeballs!!  The Fitnessista is genius when it comes to protein powder creations.  (If you don’t believe me check out this post).  I made the  Amazeballs with brown rice protein powder, cashew butter, added 1t vanilla extract, and cacao nibs.  They really are AMAZing.  I made a double batch so I could take some for after  our half marathon.  I feel better getting a little protein after immediately after a sports event.

I had to put these front and center in the fridge so David will eat some and I won’t end up eating them all!  They are just like cookie dough.

Race Tip: Start hydrating with coconut water the day before a race or big athletic event.  It will boost your electrolyte intake and reduce any cramping.

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