Asian Creation

Ahhh, Wednesday, half way through the work week.  I enjoyed a day filled with Body Pump, lunch with a friend, and cooking.

Since it’s Wednesday, I picked up our weekly CSA on my way home:


It was smaller than usual this week due to a recent freeze, but good nonetheless.  Love grapefruits & salad mix.  Cabbage on the other hand is tough for me to deal with.

So I sat down with my favorite cookbooks and a snack.  Kind of a big snack, but I was starved – honey nut brown rice cake with Nutzo & dark chocolate almond milk.  How long has it been since I had a kid straw?!


It hit the spot.  Then I continued my quest for a cabbage-based healthy meal idea.  I settled on an Asian-inspired menu: Cabbage/Carrot/Eggplant Stuffed Mochi, Miso-Ginger Tofu, and Seaweed Salad (thank you  Mochi is a Japanese glutinous rice cake that puffs up when baked.

Amazingly yummy —>


Miso is made from fermented soy beans; it has living enzymes which are supposed to aid with digestion.  I think the white paste is the tastiest.

While the finished product wasn’t one of my favorites, parts of it worked.    We had brown rice mochi, and I found it to be a bit dense and heavy.  The cabbage stir-fry came out well (the secret being Mirin + Namu Shoyu), and I really liked the seaweed salad.  Super easy to make and it’s so good for you!


Sea vegetables have a lot of iron, calcium, and other minerals and is good for hair & nails.   One website says that some varieties of sea veggies have ten times the calcium in milk!  Arame, which I used above, is also a good source of potassium and is probably the easiest to start with if you’re new to sea vegetables.   You’ll probably see more from me on sea vegetables now that I know how great they are AND easy to make.

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