Tea is Back

Brrr, it’s finally chilly again in Houston, so time for some tea!  I have a hard time drinking tea in the sweaty Houston summer, but as soon as we get a cold front coming through, I’m ready to add it back to my routine.  Note – Two years ago I used to drink coffee twice a day and still LOVE the smell/taste, but I felt really dependent on it.  I slowly phased coffee out thanks to green tea, and now I usually go sans caffeine unless I’m super tired.  I think I sleep much better and wake up more easily without it.

I have a lot of favorite teas, but these are some of the ones I like to keep stashed at the office:

  • Good Earth Teas: I love, love, love their Jasmine Blossom Green tea, but don’t drink it often since it has caffeine.  Their Sweet & Spicy Tea is great too; I prefer the decaf blend.  These are good morning teas.
  • Ginger Snappish: any tea with ginger will do for me since I’m a ginger fiend 🙂  Celestial also makes an awesome seasonal Gingerbread tea.  Ginger is great for digestion.
  • Mint & Peppermint: I enjoy Revolution’s Southern Mint and Celestial Peppermint.  Mint is great after a meal to cleanse the palette and stop me from eating sweets.

If you’re on the go or an office girl like me, I also really recommend this reusable mug.  I’ve had tons of thermoses that evenutally leak and are hard to clean, but this is leak-proof so far and super easy to clean.

And lastly, at home I have an electric kettle.  This is a wonderful (& inexpensive) appliance; just fill water and press the button.  Great for hectic mornings or to quickly make hot water for an after dinner tea.


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