Juicing 101

So you might have noticed from the blog that I juice every once in awhile.  That’s right – not too often, but every once in awhile.  I love juicing because:

  • Juice makes me feel energized and detoxified.
  • I can juice produce I might have otherwise thrown away.
  • Juice is easily digested by the body and is dense with nutrients.

On the flip side, juicing can be time consuming and not my favorite method:

  • Juicing isn’t necessarily healthier than eating fibrous whole fruits and veggies; see here.  Sometimes I’d rather have a big ol’ salad.
  • Juicing produces lots of waste (pulp) and requires lots of produce.
  • Juicers are kind of a pain to clean.  Mine isn’t much worse than a food processor, but are time consuming to deal with.

I have the Breville Compact Juice Fountain.  I used an Amazon gift card and got it for 50% off Smile.   It’s a centrifugal type juicer (a spinning blade that looks like a grater basket twirls around).


This compact juicer is best for single servings versus large batches for two.  If you want to make a really large batch of juice, you’ll have to clean it out mid-way.

My favorite juice is usually involve beets + carrots + ginger, but today I had these lovelies waiting for me in the fridge.


Handfuls of spinach (I used more than shown here), 2 stalks of celery, 2 cukes, and a big knob of ginger.  This yielded 2 servings.  Juicing in progress:


You can see the finished product produces a lot of veggie pulp – I hate throwing it out!  I hear if you have a dehydrator you can make veggie chips with juice pulp.


Finished product – green cocktail before dinner:


The celery in this juice was a bit overpowering; it could have used more ginger, an apple or lemon.  But if you’re into green stuff like I am, it was still pretty good and energizing.

So all in all, yes I’m glad I have a juicer, but I’m more of a smoothie girl if I had to choose.  Gotta love the Vitamix Winking smile

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