‘Tis the Season

Do you love the new look?!  David made a header for me.  I told him that was what I wanted for my Christmas/wedding present.  He is so talented.  There are still some changes to go, but it’s getting there.  I wanted more of a girly, healthy look and it’s just right!

What’s going on this weekend?  It’s time for Christmas décor!  I don’t do a ton of decorating since we live in a two-bedroom apartment, but I do have to pull out our mini tree every year.


The rest of the weekend has been filled with resting.  This included a James Bond movie over Natural popcorn + dark chocolate chips – YUM.  It took me forever to find just plain popcorn.  Newman’s own makes “Pop’s Corn” you can get it at WF.  Add the dark chocolate chips right after popping and they will be just a little melted.


And since I’ve been on a chocolate kick, I had to have the Fitnessista’s Protein Pancakes with cacao nibs, banana, walnuts and dried cherries this morning.  I used her recipe, but with RAW protein powder plus 1t ground flax seed, and I needed about 1/2 c. almond milk.


I like my maple syrup on the side for dipping, because otherwise it soaks into the pancakes and I keep pouring more and more and more…

David is off to kitesurf; I declined since it’s really cold outside today.  Cold + wet = unhappy Brittany.  So I have the day to myself, meaning house organizing, a Costco run and yoga!

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