Thanksgiving 2011

I have a lot to be thankful for; like David said the other day, sometimes it feels like our life is charmed.  I have an amazing fiancé, my health, my family and my fiancé’s family, and lots of happiness to share.  It was great to get to spend Thanksgiving around family and to make it healthy!

This year, David and I decided to participate in the GE Run Through the Woods 5 miler, unlike last year when we did the Houston Turkey Trot.  We hadn’t been too impressed by the poorly organized Turkey Trot, so we were excited to try something different.  I LOVE a good run before eating a big meal.

We stayed at David’s parents’ house in the Woodlands the night before, and got to the slightly cold starting line with plenty of time to spare.  Mr. Breaux (David’s dad) got a picture of my starting out (I’m in a grey long-sleeved shirt in the center).  I was turning as he said “Go Brittany!”  I love hearing my name during a race Smile


Then he got a picture of me huffing and puffing right before the finish line.  I really felt like I was sprinting, but it looks kind of slow:


I got some pretty awesome stats from my Garmin.  The red line indicates my hear rate which stayed in Zone 4 most of the run.  In fact, for my last mile I averaged a 177 HR!


My total time was 40:51, which averaged to an 8:10 min/mile.  I was really happy since I gave it all I had.  I got 14th out of 151 girls in my age group.  David also got 14th in his age group and PR’ed with a 6:54 min/mile average – impressive!  I guess mine was a PR too, since I’d never run a 5 mile race before.

Post-run we headed back to the house for some steel cut oats made by David’s mom and some resting.  The day was filled with puzzling and cooking.  There were only a few frustrating moments where we said “Where is that piece?!”


This year, I supplied a turkey from Revival Market.  I had ordered a local turkey, but it turned out the ones they supplied were too big, so they gave me the option of a smaller Amish turkey.  Mrs. Breaux cooked it according to Alton Brown’s directions, and it turned out delicious!  Best turkey I’ve ever had.


In fact, it was the best Thanksgiving meal I ever had!  Here was the menu:


  • Goat Cheese Brie with Raspberry Red Pepper Jam & thin wafer crackers
  • Paired with Gerard et Pierre Morin Sancerre Vieilles Vignes 2009 (Sauvignon Blanc?)


  • “Amish” Turkey
  • Spinach salad with candied walnuts, cranberries and satsumas
  • Nikki’s Ginger & Coconut Sweet Potatoes
  • Best cranberry sauce ever – just remove shallot & add walnuts to this recipe (pomegranate seeds NOT optional!)
  • Rice Dressing (Louisiana rice dish with ground meat)
  • New Zealand White Haven Pinot Noir


It was a seriously delish, yet relatively healthy meal!  I was stuffed – good thing I ran earlier that day.  I highly recommend both wines as well (from Hubble & Hudson).  David and I might even try to visit the winery the New Zealand one is from while we are on our honeymoon!


We headed home for the night and took a quick trip to San Antonio the following day to see my Granny & Papa.  Now we’re enjoying a “taper” weekend before the Dallas Half next Sunday.  Meaning an 8 mile run, Christmas/wedding shopping & planning, and general chores around the house.  I can’t complain, I love my weekends!  Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all!

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