Salmon Perfected

Hello everyone, I’m having a great week, how about you?  I went to Body Pump (my favorite!) at lunch on Monday, then since work was slow, I hit the pool for 1500m before I came home.

At home, I cooked a most delicious meal thanks to this recipe on KathEats.  It just so happened that I had sweet potatoes and green beans from our CSA that were about to go bad, so I picked up some salmon and completely copied her meal.

The salmon cooking technique really did cook the fish to perfection.  I’m sure it would work for other fish/meats as well.  It was very easy, and the only seasoning I used was salt & pepper.  Just sear the salmon upside down in olive oil (in a pan on the stovetop)  until the edges “turn up”, then flip the salmon and finish in the oven at 400 deg for 10 minutes.  So easy!

David kept commenting on how he liked the crispy top.  It held the juices in and kept the salmon from drying out or overcooking like it normally does.  I will be buying more salmon now that I know this great technique!

I also cut the potato into wedges & seasoned them with Cinnamon, Cayenne, Salt and Pepper.  The Cinnamon/Cayenne combo is great!  We couldn’t stop eating the fries.

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