Sunny CA

I was very lucky last weekend that my sore throat only lasted through Thursday, so by Friday I was ready to start my weekend travel sans sickness!    As a reminder, David and I were headed to the LA area to visit my Grandparents on my Dad’s side.  Friday morning David and I woke up for a brisk 11 or 12 mile run.  By brisk, I mean the weather was in the 40s – brrr!   But that’s actually good running weather, so I couldn’t complain.  Our only issue was that there was quite a bit of traffic on our route since it was a Friday.  Anyways, after getting our run in, we came home, showered, packed, then headed to the airport.

Oh, and we stopped at Whole Foods for to-go lunches on the way.  After waiting in security lines for an hour (long wait due to Veteran’s Day?), we dove into some delicous WF bar foods.  I had a big salad with brown rice, quinoa and scrambled tofu.

David couldn’t stop raving about his either – Indian food, with some rice pudding for dessert.  The rice pudding was amazing (he left me some).

Our flight was about 3 hours; with the time change plus and hour and a half of driving to Camarillo, we didn’t get to my grandparents’ house until around 6 PM.  Luckily, my Grandpa had already poured some wine and was starting dinner.  He made a really delicous vegetable & shrimp stir fry.  Loads of snap peas, sprouts, broccoli, and cooked with ginger, soy and teryaki sauce.  My Grandma, who is still regaining her taste after treatment for throat cancer this year, had a lot of energy, and I was pleased to see she was trying to eat small amounts of foods, juices and milk.

On Saturday, my Grandparents took us on a tour of Southern CA – Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, Ojai and Santa Paula.  It was great to show David the surrounding area and he was amazed by all the fresh fruits and vegetables growing.  He kept saying “everything grows here!” 

We started with breakfast at a local institution in Camarillo, Eggs ‘n’ Things.  Next stop was Santa Barbara, where my Grandparents let David and I walk around a bit and enjoy State Street & the beach.  David liked pretending he was my body guard after I put on my big black glasses and got a Chai tea at Starbucks.


Lots of seagulls & sailboats on the ocean.

Next was a stop at the family favorite candy store in Carpenteria.  We stocked up on candy, popcorn, and for “lunch” I got a chocolate/nut dipped frozen banana.  I had to let it thaw a bit, but after it did it was delicious!  Way better than ice cream even.

We also stopped in Ojai to do some window shopping, a cute tourist town we often went to in years past for girly lunches.  Our last stop was to Santa Paula to visit my Grandpa’s farm he volunteers at, an oil museum and eat an early Mexican food dinner.  I was impressed by my Grandpa’s farm and hope that I find some fun hobbies like that when I retire!  Also fun was the little oil museum we stopped in at.  They had an old rig that demonstrated what drilling was like back in the day.  Glad I’m in the oil industry now and not then!

We headed back to the airport Sunday morning and arrived in Houston by late afternoon.  All in all it was a great visit, but too quick.

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