Sick, sick, go away…

Come again another day!  I’ve had a sore throat this week, and am trying to get over it before our weekend travels.  This weekend we’re off to the LA area to visit my California grandparents.  I really dislike being sick while traveling, so I’m doing my best to drink lots of fluids, Airborne, etc.  I also concocted a delicious new juice to help get massive amounts vitamin C – Killer Orange!

Killer Orange Juice
(because it’s a cold killer, I hope!)  Makes 1 serving

4 Medium Carrots
1 Orange
1 knob of Ginger


I highly recommended it.  I’m going to try subbing the orange for a grapefruit tonight since we just got grapefruits in our weekly CSA.

My only other thought for this week is I realized I’ve been late night snacking recently (bad Brittany!), which is definitely one of my bad habits from years past.  I’m a sucker for handfuls of cereal, granola, or sweets after dinner.  Now that I’m more concious of my bad habit, and I realized I didn’t like the way I felt waking up the next morning, full and yucky.  It seemed only fitting that I stumbled across this quote from an interview with Stephanie Morgan, a vegan food truck owner:

“Something I’ve experimented with is eating times. I found that when I eat a large breakfast and lunch and either nothing for dinner or something very light (maybe some fresh fruit or a small salad) I have a lot more energy when I wake up. When you think about all the energy it takes to digest food it makes a lot of sense.”

Duh… why haven’t I thought of this before?  My system feels much more cleansed and energetic when I have lighter meals in the evening.  Plus, it is sooo much better to wake up hungry than full; breakfast is just that much more delicious.

How to stop snacking late at night you ask?  My secret weapon is extra dark chocolate.  I only need a couple pieces and my palate is cleansed and my chocolate craving is fulfilled.  The absolute best is Equal Exchange Extra Dark (80%).  It’s at Whole Foods.  David and I have sampled a number of dark chocolate bars, but this is the best, hands down.

Well, enjoy your weekend, your breakfasts, and hopefully some dark chocolate and I will talk to you when I return from sunny CA.

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