Amy & Chris’s Louisiana Wedding

Hello friends!  I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post lately; my week has been really busy.  We just got home from a quick weekend trip to New Orleans for Amy Breaux & Chris Brown’s wedding.  Amy is one of David’s cousins.  It was beautifully done, but first, a quick recap of my week in workouts:

  • Monday – well deserved post-triathlon rest day!
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 1500m swim (500 free, 10 x 50 on 1:10, 400 free, 100 back)
  • Thursday – Body Pump, 30 min run
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Fast 9 miles, 8:44 min/mile average

Nothing new; this was a rest/recovery week for me since my left ankle had been a bit strained from my fall last weekend.

On the food front, I’ve been upping my protein lately after I noticed that my hair was easily coming out and my nails were weak.  I’ve reintroduced some dairy and animal proteins, but am trying to use local and organic where I can.

Now on to the more exciting topic – the wedding!  Directly after our 9 mile run, we showered, packed, and made some green smoothies & egg sandwiches to-go, then headed out the door to New Orleans.   This egg sandwich on an Udi’s bagel was sooo good that I couldn’t stop eating before taking a picture.


I’ve been very excited to see this wedding since I knew Amy would have a classy event that would also be a great party (she and Chris are very fun and social!).  As background, Amy is from Louisiana and now living in California, where she met Chris.  So there were Texans, Louisianans, and Californians at the wedding – quite the mix!  All of David’s family were there; I think we all cleaned up pretty well. I was wearing a dress David’s mom helped me pick out.


The wedding itself was at Oak Alley Plantation, which is about an hour outside of New Orleans.  It’s an old plantation home with huge oak trees lining the entrance.  I love oak trees, so I knew I’d love the venue.

We had to be bused in from the New Orleans hotel we stayed at.  They even provided daquiris on the bus (very New Orleans style!).  I didn’t partake since my stomach was empty, but others enjoyed them.  Me & David on the bus:


We arrived at the plantation at dusk.  When we drove by, the home was beautifully lit with white lights lining the walkway.  Here are a couple of internet pictures since I couldn’t capture any myself as the bus went by.



The wedding vows were really nice & informal (a friend married them), and both the bride and her mother looked gorgeous.  After the ceremony, the party ensued on the lawn in front.  The cuisine was all very Cajun – oysters, gumbo, crawfish etouffee and fried alligator even!  The Californians really got a kick out of it.  We enjoyed the food, wine, and they even had a candy bar which David and Laura loved.  I wish I had more pictures, but since it was at night time, we had a difficult time getting good shots.  The bride & groom’s first dance was on the balcony.


Then everyone else got to dance and David started a Congo line which turned into a “Louisiana march”.  Not so sure about my dance moves here… I’ll blame it on the wine.


Actually, David and I had a great time dancing (he is a really good dancer), and we even got applause from some of the nearby tables.

The night ended with a bubble send-off for the bride & groom, then the exhausted guests were bussed back to New Orleans.  It was a great event – and it got David and I thinking of how our own wedding is just around the corner.  We are very excited!

The following morning, David and I stopped at an A-mazing juice bar & café I found on, Surrey’s Café, before the 6-hour return trip to Houston.  The café was awesome, I highly recommend it for both the juice & food.  David got a surprisingly yummy Pear-Apple-Ginger juice and Pain Deux (french toast).  The french toast melted in your mouth.  I had a Carrot-Beet-Kale-Ginger juice (all my favorites) plus old fashioned oatmeal cooked in soy milk, with apples, strawberries, banana and raisins cooked in.  The cooked fruit was the star of the dish – even David declared the oatmeal delish.  I’ll have to remake it soon.  You can read my yelp review here.

Then we drove home and are now going to be bums the rest of the evening!  Very tired!  We have one last weekend of travel left until we are HOME for awhile.

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