NYC Whirlwind Weekend

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!  We are back from a whirlwind 36-hour weekend in New York City, for our friend Monique’s wedding.  Monique is one of David’s good friends from college, and she is marrying a Brit, Jon, so they met halfway between TX and the UK for the wedding.

We flew out of Houston after work on Friday and arrived in our hotel in NYC at midnight.  We stayed at the Hudson hotel, a swanky hotel very close to Central Park.  We decided to be close to the park so we didn’t have to bother with too many transportation issues.

We weren’t too rushed to wake up Saturday morning, since we needed our sleep for our long run and it was cold outside anyway!  We were supposed to run a half marathon that weekend in Houston, so Central Park sounded like a great alternative for a Half.  I checked out mileages around Central Park and discovered the outside perimeter was 6.2 miles, so the inside winding roads must have been close to 5 miles.  We decided to do a lap of the perimeter then a lap through the park to aim for close to 12 miles.

Checking out the Guggenheim (still haven’t been there).

Not many people were out around 8:30 when we started.  The outside loops was okay, but I don’t recommend running on the west side of the rectangle since the pavement was uneven and not conducive to running.  When we made it to the inside loop around 9:30, the park had become alive.  There were many, many runners which made for great people watching.  There were not only lots of people, but LOTS of hills!  Who knew Central Park was so hilly?  We got our butt workout in for sure.  I stopped for a water break half way.

David was running effortlessly as usual.

Happy running couple.

At around mile 7 or 8 I was really dragging and my muscles hurt so I took a GU.  David said that exactly 20 minutes later I went from a 10:00 min/mi pace to an 8:15 min/mi pace – I guess the GU caffeine kicked in!  We continued through the park and logged about 13 miles, but I was still feeling great at that point, so we ran to a juice bar for breakfast.  You know I love my green juice, so I got a mix of lots of greens, with some ginger thrown in, plus a small muffin.  The juice with ginger was suuuper spicy!  Maybe a bit too much ginger, but it woke me up.  David also got a green juice with watermelon of course plus a muffin, and then got in trouble for taking a picture of me at the juice bar.

We walked back to the hotel, showered and napped, then woke up hungry for lunch.  We realized we were really short on time since we had to get ready for the wedding, so we opted for WholeFoods which was was only a block away.  David had really wanted Udon, so he went to the WF Japanese bar and knocked over a huge display of sushi by accident… needless to say he decided not to order Udon after the Japanese sushi chefs gave him the evil eye.  We both loaded up boxes of hot/cold bar food and grabbed a kombucha to give us a little caffeine for the remainder of the day.

The wedding was in the Shakespeare Gardens at Central Park.  It was perfect weather – sunny and cool and the ceremony was so personalized and unique – I loved it!  David and I decided we have some work to do for our vows after hearing such a great example.

Post wedding, the bride and groom had arranged a surprise for the guests: we boarded a double decker bus and were taken on a tour of the city.  It was very cool to see Times Square from above and to cross the Madison bridge.  We had a tour guide with a great NY accent and that told us lots of random facts.

Cuddling up with my baby, brrr!

But the night wasn’t over there.  We stopped at a Bistro for a lovely 3-course meal, where David and I enjoyed chatting with new friends.  After one too many glasses of wine, we took the subway south to a live music bar and listened to a band for the rest of the night.  We made it back to the hotel at 3 AM, which made for a very tired couple! 

We left NYC on Sunday morning and arrived back in Houston by 4 PM.  It was really nice to be back early.  I was feeling a little hungover and dry the whole day, so I decided to go to hot yoga, and boy it was a hot one – I’m sure I sweat every ounce of alcohol out!  After hot yoga, we cooked some dinner and enjoyed an episode of Project Runway.  We were very excited to see that the final contestants were staying in the Hudson – where we had just checked out of earlier that day!

As great as NY is, I’m happy to be back in my own bed.  And now, just two more weeks before the next wedding – ’tis wedding season.

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