2011 Try Andy’s Tri

I’m sooo excited to be writing this recap of my second triathlon.  I finished Try Andy’s Tri this morning; I had done this tri back in 2009 as well, and I wanted to beat my 2009 times which I discussed in this post.   In 2009 I placed 12th in my age group with these results:

  • Swim – 6:10 (2:05/100m with wetsuit)
  • T1 – 3:17
  • Bike – 36:23 (16.5 MPH)
  • T2 – 1:18
  • Run – 26:05 (8:42/mi)
  • Overall Time – 1:13:15

This year, as David said, I blew those times out of the water!!  I came in 5th with an overall time of 1:03:20, which is a whole TEN MINUTES faster!  I was so happy with my time, and coming in within the top 5 is really cool.  Forgive me if I sound like a braggart in this post, but I am just very excited about the results.


Woke up at 4:30 AM and had an Udi’s GF WW bagel with almond butter and a big glass of lemon water.  We had packed everything the night prior, so we headed out the door by 5:00 AM.  We got to the race and started getting marked up (a 28 on my leg this year), then headed to the transition area to lay out our things.


David got me a really nice Garneau tri bag for my birthday a couple years back, which I’ve used as the best bike bag ever!  It’s similar to this one, and is a perfect bag for biking or tri.  I set my things out on a nice little towel, careful not to drop anything in the nearby grating.  David had a pretty sweet spot near a wall.  We quickly realized we were at the race way too early – we followed the instructions and were parked and marked very early, but then had to wait around in the cold forever.  I stayed wrapped in a cheap towel.  Yeah, we’re looking kind of tired here still:


I ate a Rice Krispy treat, then finally 7 AM rolled around and we headed to the swim start (only a 300m swim, so an easy walking distance from the transition area).

Swim, 300m – 6:20 min. (2:07/100m)

The water was 77 degrees this year, so it was wetsuit legal, but I chose not to mess with the wetsuit since it takes so long to get off and limits the arm motion, unless you have a sleeveless one, which I don’t.  I started from the back of the middle, and in retrospect, I’d probably start on one of the sides since I know I’m not that fast.  I honestly felt great on the swim and could have gone longer or maybe even faster if I had not kept running into other girls.  I thought it ended pretty quickly actually.  Yes, I was slower than last time, but I think the wetsuit gave a lot of extra buoyancy last time.

T1 – 2:42 min.

My first transition went TERRIBLY!  I wore a sports bra for the swim and planned to pull on my tri top with my number, but when I pulled the shirt on, it got rolled up within its built-in sports bra and took me at least a minute to correct!  Grrr, then I realized my cycling shoes were not unstrapped, so that took some time too.  I guess I just need to practice this transition for next time.

Bike, 10 miles – 28:42 (20.9 mph)

I got on the bike and was honestly feeling great.  I think swim training helped my with my post-swim exhaustion this time around.  I knew that biking would be my strongest leg, so I just went for it and am really pleased with a greater than 20 mph average.  I don’t have aero bars, so I just stayed in the drops the whole time.  I passed a lot of people, but no one ever passed me which was cool.  I’ve only biked a handful of times lately, all less than 20 miles, so I definitely attribute the faster time to Body Pump.  I think it made such a huge difference in my leg muscles.

T2 – 1:55 min.

Another transition where I ranked almost last in my age group!  Gosh, I did not do well on these today.  I got to my running shoes which I usually slip on while laced.  My socks were slightly wet which did not allow my shoes to slip on, so after some failed attempts, I unlaced then re-laced one which took a lot of time.  Then I ran out about 10 steps and realized I still had my bike pump in my back pocket (in case of a flat) then had to run back, ugh!  Need to practice these at home.

Run, 3 miles – 23:39 min (7:53 min/mi)

After getting off the bike, I realized why they call “Bricks” bricks.  My legs felt really heavy and I had to just take small steps at first until they loosened up.  I had the Garmin on, and it was reading a <9 min/mi pace, which I couldn’t understand since I felt like I was going so slow.  David later explained that I might have felt slow since the bike cadence is rather fast, so when you start your run which is at a slower cadence, it seems slow. I also felt a lot of sloshing in my stomach while running, it was odd. My nutrition was off and I’ll just have to monitor my fluid intake better next time.

Being the awesome and supportive fiancé he is, David snapped some running pictures of me near the finish line:


I didn’t expect a sub-8 minute pace, which might even be my PR for a 5k, but I’m not certain.

I ended up placing 5th in my age group, and David placed 6th in his age group, breaking an hour, which was a PR for him as well:


Can you tell a difference from 2009 (below) to 2011 (above); except that David is dressed like a bum in 2009?


I ended the event feeling like this and ready for the next one:


After the race, we munched on some free PB&Js & kettle corn.  Then we headed home for a ritual post-race meal of Vietnamese pho.  I think the rest of the day will be a nice, lazy rest day.

I read a tri blog recently that reminded me it’s not necessarily the race, but the journey getting there that’s the fun part. While I only did 3 weeks of training for this race, I definitely feel like it paid off, and I’m happy about both the race and the journey.  Plus, tri training is THE best bridal boot camp ever.

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