Bike Woes

After a rest day on Sunday, I was ready to get back in to training mode.  My nice bike (the Look) was at the shop getting a much needed cleaning and tune-up since it hadn’t had one for years, so I pulled out the trustworthy Cannondale.  The Cannondale was my first bike and biggest purchase after college.  It has many 1,000’s of miles on it and has enjoyed many mountain climbs in Colorado. 

I decided I’d take it for a spin around the Memorial Park Picnic Loop for an hour, then try a 30 minute run in the park trail to do my first “brick” workout.  Everything was going well, until 55 minutes into my 1 hour bike ride, I felt like my pedal and cleat weren’t connecting properly.  I pedaled on, deciding I should drop the Cannondale off at the shop when I pick up the Look.  Well, before I could finish my last loop, my pedal & crank arm disconnected from the bike!  Basically, this whole thing came off and stayed connected to  my foot until I could stop and dislodge it:

The bolt that should have held it in wasn’t there, so it must have fallen out earlier.  Luckily I was riding solo at a slow enough speed to gently stop and not fall.  Then of course, the other side came off shortly after:

It’s kind of difficult to ride a bike without pedals, so I walked it back to the car while some of the other cyclists gave funny stares.  The good thing was that I just threw the bike & parts in the car then continued on my brick and completed the 30 minute run; it felt great!  I met David after I ran since he had gone to the park to get a bike ride in too.

This was a good lesson to learn; I should have checked the crank before riding, and probably should have had this tuned up long ago anyway.  I noticed the brake pads are kind of shot from so many descents.  So Tuesday I happily dropped this bike off for a complete tune-up and re-attaching of the components.  I probably should be able to do some of this myself, but without a garage, things get messy in the apartment.

Not much else going on this week except for getting back to the routine.  I’ve also been Body Pump-ing this week and did a 2,000m swim and a track workout  last night.  The track workout was:

10 min warm up + leg drills/stretches
7 x 60 second sprint/60 second jog
10 min cool down

I have some hot yoga planned for today and a Master’s Swim class to try for tomorrow.  Then a rest day before the Ten for Texas 10 mile run this weekend, can’t wait!  Plus my mom is in town, which is always fun.

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