Colorado Here I Come!

It turns out that David is taking a class in Golden, CO all week, so what better way to spend my weekend than to join him in one of my favorite states!  For those that don’t know I spent almost a year living in Durango, CO and LOVED it.  The mountains still call my name from time to time.

When I was there I biked 4,000’ climbs regularly:


So I could see views like this, then fly down the mountain at high speeds:

Coal Bank Pass Bike Ride 1IMG00036

And I hiked to destinations like this for lunch:


I’ve gone back to Colorado to visit Estes Park with David last year, where we did a hike that was only supposed to be 18 miles, but I counted wrong and we hiked 21 miles in one day… Oops, sorry David!


Totally worth it to see sheep, elk and amazing views though!


And that’s not to mention the multiple ski trips we’ve done in Colorado, including when we got engaged.

Anyway, enough reminiscing.  This time we are meeting in Denver, then driving to Leadville for the night, so that we can hike a 14er, Mt. Massive, the following day.  After hiking, we’ll head back to Breckenridge to either climb another mountain or relax for the remainder of the weekend.  More to come soon!

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