Tri on the Brain

I can’t get this triathlon off my mind – I’m pretty psyched about it believe it or not!  I’ve been non-stop reading tri blogs and websites. 

Yesterday I swam 2,000m in about 50 minutes in the morning: 1,500m regular freestyle, 250m with buoy and 250m with *flip turns* since I had the lane to myself to practice.  I hope to practice and streamline the turns so I can get better workouts.

That evening I went to track practice, but it was cancelled due to an incoming storm.  I thought I’d never say I was upset that track practice was cancelled, but I was!  I hurried over to the Memorial Park track and was able to squeeze in a 10 min warm up and 8×30/30’s (30 second sprint, then 30 second easy run).  I hurried back to the car once it got really dark and thunder-y out.  And I topped my run workout off with an abs session of course – always gotta do my 20 minutes of abs per day.

This morning I loaded up my bike in the car, seeing as it’s been collecting dust for the past three months.  They say half the battle is just showing up and it’s true!  I have been avoiding even looking at my bike for awhile because I thought I might have some crazy kharma-induced accident if I rode it since I’d neglected it for so long.  Turns out it treated me just as well as it usually does.  I headed back to Memorial Park, this time for the Picnic Loop, a ~1.2mi loop for cyclists.  It was breezy and humid outside, and sort of felt like Hawaii.  I was wearing my Hawaii bike jersey which seemed fitting.

Have you heard the bike saying “Put the fun between your legs”?

The bike ride was GREAT.  I loved it.  I did 1 hour at about 17 mph and it felt good.  Obviously I have some training to do, but it’s a good start.  Maybe this is why I am so darn hungry now?

I stopped by MyFitFoods on the way home and grabbed a salmon & quinoa to-go lunch.  They have limited veggie options, but I like their fish and breakfast dishes when I am in a rush.  My soon-to-be in-laws are following their diet and love it – David’s dad has even lost 30+ pounds on their diet!

Tomorrow is running & maybe a Master’s swim class which I am quite nervous about.  Wish me luck!



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