To Tri or not to Try?

It had been so lovely not to smell like chlorine for over a month, but finally the pool called my name.  Yes, I’ve neglected it while on multiple trips over the last month.  It looked kind of ominous as I made my entrance to do some laps.

Despite the initial shock of putting my head underwater (always the hardest part for me!), I knocked out 1,500m in 40 minutes.  I wasn’t trying for record speed, but just to spend some time in the water after avoiding it for so long.  Normally my goal is to swim for 50 mins – 1 hour, maybe 2,000m or so.  I count in sets of 10, taking small breaks every 5 laps.

Why am I back in the water?  #1 – great cross training and general workout, #2 – I signed up for Try Andy’s Tri!  I did this race two years ago, and it consists of a 300-meter lake swim/ 10-mile bike/3-mile run.  It’s true that this sprint is so short it doesn’t really require training, but it’s still conquering a fear of mine (tri swimming) and completing one of my unfinished 2011 goals. I haven’t modified my Dallas Half Training Plan significantly for this, except that I’ll add in a few bike rides and swims.

In 2009, I placed 12th in my age group:

  • Swim – 6:10 (2:05/100m with wetsuit)
  • T1 – 3:17
  • Bike – 36:23 (16.5 MPH)
  • T2 – 1:18
  • Run – 26:05 (8:42/mi)

When I signed up for the tri I wasn’t even thinking about beating 2009’s time, but secretly I hope to improve in some areas!  Bring it ON – totally ready to kick some butt with a 28 on my leg!

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