Positive Split?

Our running season weekend routine is pretty standard lately – pasta dinner Friday night then group run Saturday morning (in Houston running season is considered late summer to early winter).  Last night our friend Chris hosted us for pasta at his new house; he runs and bikes in the same groups/clubs as we do.

In general, I love my group runs, but not so much today.  We run with Houston Fit, which has great coaches & is well organized, but their routes have been funky lately.  Last weekend they threw in tons of hills, and this weekend a lot of the run was in a dark neighborhood.  I tried to run with the “fast group” for as long as I could, but that ended up wearing me out in the first half of the run, and I definitely did not do a negative split.  So I guess that makes it a positive split?

  • Mile 1   9:35
  • Mile 2   9:32
  • Mile 3   9:00
  • Mile 4   9:10
  • Mile 5   8:29   <—- Group gets too fast too early!
  • Mile 6   8:56
  • Mile 7   9:38   <—– I slow down and run a slower (but consistent) pace
  • Mile 8   9:38
  • Mile 9   10:00
  • Mile 10  10:01
  • Mile 11   8:47  <—– I don’t mind a fast run when the end is in sight!
  • Mile 12   8:22

The good news is that I’m track for my goal of a <2:00 half marathon, but the bad news is I had a lot of aches and pains today, partly from my change of stride throughout the run, and partly from ramping up to this distance so quickly.  Since we were sore, we stopped by the gas station and got a lot of ice bags for an ice bath.

After the painful ice bath (where several curse words may have surfaced), I whipped up some steel cut oats I’d made a couple nights before and a batch of green smoothies.


I didn’t have any fresh spinach, so I steamed some frozen spinach and amazingly it worked.  I’ve tried frozen spinach straight into the smoothie, and trust me, it doesn’t work.  Steaming it first adds good flavor and also helps with calcium absorption I’ve heard.  I also added a scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass, since I wasn’t sure if the steamed flavor would overpower the drink, and it was pretty good.  Probably too much food though, I’m still full.

While I’m writing this David came over to my desk to put his blood pressure monitor on my arm.  Not that he is competitive or anything, but he wanted to compare mine to his.  He was sad when he saw mine was quite lower and is now re-measuring his while chanting “Ohm”.  And not that I’m competitive or anything, but I was pretty psyched about my Words with Friends victory message the other day:

Have a lovely weekend!


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