Retro Game Night

Thank goodness for long weekends at home.  I got so much done, but had some time to relax as well.  It seems like every weekend we have some sort of to-do list – we are such list people!

A couple recipe thoughts from the last week; if you want a quick kale salad to bring to work, massage EVOO and some avocado into the kale, then top with shredded carrot and pumpkin seed (or whatever you prefer).  It’s a great lunch addition!


Another more random creation – I wanted to use some of the spinach in my fridge, but I wanted a warm breakfast (unlike a cold Green Monster).  So I thought I’d try green oats a la Yoga is Yummy.  It took me a lot of blending and a lot of spinach to get my oats that green!  Can’t say it was my fave dish, but the spinach taste was pretty mild and I got my greens in.


Saturday morning was our group run with our running group, Houston Fit.  It was 11 miles, which didn’t seem that bad, until we realized it was 11 hilly miles.  Believe it or not, they picked all the hills they knew of in Houston and put them in our run!  My Garmin heart rate graphs ended up looking like a sine wave!  This is showing my heart rate jumping from below 170 bpm to 170+ bpm.  My legs were so sore afterwards that we bought ice from the gas station on the way home and took an ice bath (good way to help muscles recover).  Needless to say, wasn’t my favorite run ever.


In other household news, David is becoming a mad scientist and I am staying busy baking (when he’s not using the oven for his projects) and going to the occasional Sunday yoga class.


We had a fun at-home night tonight; I made OSG’s Perfect Veggie Burgers.  These were delicious, though they had a lot of carbs and less beans than I might prefer.  I modified the recipe by adding more black beans and less bread crumbs.  I added some kale chips as a side, and we paired it with Dogfish Head’s Namaste beer – delish!  Namaste comes in a big wine-like bottle that is perfect for sharing two beers.


After dinner it was board game time!  “You think you can challenge me in Jenga?”


Hmmm…. which to choose?


We played while listening to Portland’s Renegade String Band, the group we heard live in Portland.  I bought their CD since I liked their new age Bluegrass style so much.


Moves were calculated strategically:





Success for me!  Then David beat me at Mancala, so I guess we’re even for now.  Love my board game nights!  Now if only it wasn’t Sunday.

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