We Heart B.A. – S. America Adventure Part III

I’m continuing on with a recap of my 2010 South American Adventure with my cousin Megan.  You can find Part I and Part II on my Travel page.  At this point, we had already visited Rio, Brazil, and Iguassu, Argentina, and we’d just arrived in Buenos Aires after a long day of travel.  The minute we got to our hotel in BA, we were sooo excited!  It felt like we were in Europe and we could be comfortable again – walking the streets at night, not worry about men making comments, etc.  That night we decided to head to the popular Florida Street, then over to Puerto Madera for dinner.


We were jumping for joy.


The next morning, we did a quick run and some “step class” (stepping up on benches) at a park nearby.  We took a drab bus tour of Recoleta, San Telmo & La Boca.


La Boca was quite colorful, but extremely touristy.  It’s where many immigrants lived and where tango started.  We enjoyed some espresso & chocolates from a famous chocolatier there.


After our busy touring morning, we had an awesome Tripadvisor find scheduled – I highly recommend Tripadvisor if you don’t already use it.  I had seen great recommendations for wine tastings at the Rendevouz, a boutique hotel in the Palmero Hollywood area.  We headed to the hotel, with a stop at a funky antique flea market along the way.



Tripadvisor didn’t lie; it was A-MAZING. Sarah, our host served us each 5 tastings plus a light bubbly appetizer wine.  These were the wines as well as my notes.  Can you tell the notes disappeared after a few glasses?



We also had what was the best empanada and best chocolate I’ve ever tasted.  I had never been to a wine pairing, and I was astounded at how the flavors contrasted so well.  I quickly decided if I ever returned to BA with David, we were staying at that hotel and enjoying more Argentinian wine!  Post-tasting we were giddy and our next stop was to some museums; first to MALBA, then the Evita Museum.  Can you tell we had too much wine?


Both museums were really enjoyable, but we were soon hungry for food and for shopping.  We shopped in the Palmero Soho district, a hip/young area, where we got some leather purses, then found a cute outdoors place for dinner.  We shared a veggie sandwich while some nice, yet somewhat creepy Brazilian men that claimed to be pilots chatted with us.  It was 8 PM, and it was way too early for South Americans to be eating dinner, so they were trying to convince us to go to dinner later with them and then dancing!  Dinner at 10 PM?  Way too late for me.  Plus, we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow – running tour of the city!

Yes, I said running tour; also a Tripadvisor recommendation.  We met our tour guide, Diego, bright and early for our morning tour.  Diego drove up to our hotel with his moped, ready to run.  He had carried waters in his pack for us and a camera.


Diego, who is an extremely fit triathlete, asked us our pace (10 min/mile) and said the tour would be ~10k.  We were down with that, so we headed out from the hotel.  Little did we know the 10k turned into a 13k and Diego was prompting us “Hurry Ladies” by the end.  I was scared Megan may not enjoy the personal coach aspect of it, but it turns out she loved it!  I agreed, it was great that he pushed us a little.  But back to the run – this is a GREAT way to see the city.  I highly recommend this over a bus tour, you can take in so much more!



We saw many famous buildings, the Rose Gardens, nice neighborhoods, lakes, etc.  Diego was great to stop along the way and take pictures of us together.

What a great couple of days!  I do hope to go back to BA someday and bring David since I enjoyed the city so much.

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