Falling for Iguassu – S. America Adventure Part II

I started recapping my 2010 summer vacation to Brazil & Argentina in this post, but how quickly I forgot to finish it!  As a reminder, I took a tour-type trip that covered Rio, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires with my cousin and very good friend, Megan.  The first post documented our days in Rio.  After our somewhat sketchy days in Rio, we had a transfer to Iguazu Falls (also known as the city of Iguassu).  We transferred via TAM airlines, which was nothing to write home about.  Upon arrival we met our new tour guide for Iguassu, Wilson.  We loved Wilson, he was the best guide ever!!  Very knowledgeable and genuine, and definitely had the Indian Jones thing going on!

From the airport, we went straight to the Brazilian side of the falls.  This side was very voluminous and concentrated.  There were some stairways to wander around, and we just took in the sheer size of it all.  Iguazu Falls are the second largest falls in the world, only to be matched by Victoria Falls in Africa.  It was amazing – and there were so many rainbows!

Coolest butterflies ever!

And oh yeah, we got a tall, hot German guy to take lots of pictures of us.  Unfortunately he had a hot German chick accompanying him.

Iguassu wasn’t the most scenic or safe of cities, being that it is a border town.  We headed back to our meager hotel, and entertained ourselves at the hotel bar with some cheap Brazilian beers.  Ending the night with giggles…

Day 2 in Iguassu was off to the Argentine side of the falls – less volume, but definitely more scenic.  This is kind of how I think of Argentina compared to Brazil as a whole.  First was a hike out to Devil’s Throat Falls with all the other tourists.

We took a really long walkway, then we finally got closer…

Then, whoa!  There they were.

It’s hard to capture how amazing these are, and still photos just don’t do them justice!  They give you a weird feeling of just wanting to jump in!  It was so cool to be so close to them.

Next up was a train ride, but we ditched the tourist train and hiked instead.

The awesome thing about the hike was that we saw real monkeys!  I think I’d only ever seen them at the zoo otherwise.  We watched them while they were eating some sort of bananas.

We met up with the rest of the group and had the option to do the waterfall boat ride, so we said yes.  They had a boat waiting at what looked like it could have been the Amazon river.

We took a speedy ride towards the falls.

This might be my favorite picture of the bunch – he was our “El Capitan”.

We got extremely close to the falls.

Just breathtaking.

Wind blown before…

And drenched after!

Once thoroughly wet, we hiked back up to see some more falls.

I think you get the picture!  After almost filling my camera up with water fall photos, we hit the road, but on the way home we stopped at the meeting of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.  This is a shot from the Argentine side, overlooking Paraguay and Brazil.  Megan wanted to hop over to Paraguay somehow to get our passports stamped in an additional country, but I vetoed the idea, not wanting to get caught up in a drug cartel.

The rest of the evening was quite nice – we got dressed up and Wilson took a small group of us to a nice Argentine steak restaurant.  It was very good and super cheap considering the huge portions of meat.  After a good meal and wine, we hit the sack, knowing we had a big day of transfers to Buenos Aires coming up.

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