End of Summer Blues

My sister in Chicago hates it when I say this, but I am so ready for the fall!  I just can’t wait for cool mornings, warm oatmeal, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!  But I’ve felt almost guilty about breaking out the pumpkin just yet; it doesn’t seem right when you step out and the morning is hot and muggy.  We even stopped by the White Oak Farmer’s market down the street from us last weekend, looking for squash, but they didn’t have any yet; sigh.  And the beautiful summer flowers in bloom didn’t quite scream autumn either.

 So instead of eating pumpkin oatmeal in the heat, I’ve been whipping up some frozen smoothies with the remaining blueberries we picked at Moorehead’s Blueberry Farm near The Woodlands last 4th of July.  We picked so many that our freezer is still full with them!   For those interested in berry picking for 2012, definitely check this farm out.  I couldn’t believe how many blueberries I could pick for just $2/lb.

End of Summer Blue/Green Monster

1 c almond milk
1/3 c rolled oats
1/2 scoop Raw Protein Powder
1/2 banana
1 handful frozen blueberries
1 heaping hanful of spinach
1 T ground flaxseed
1 scoop Amazing Grass

Blend and serve topped with granola & berries – cheers!

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