Running on Empty

Not really… I’m pretty full from too much snacking this week.  Stress maybe??  I’ve been consumed with too many questions – What job assignment should I take next year? Will we ever move from Houston? What is life’s purpose?  Yes, stress.  So to combat it, I decided I needed to refocus on a goal.  One of my major 2011 goals left untouched is run a half marathon in less than two hours.  It’s definitely a doable goal, but requires more training.  Now that my abs are stronger, I haven’t felt much back pain running and am ready to pump it up a notch.  David, my fiance, has offered to be my coach of sorts and to help pace me on long runs.

As every good engineer would do, I formulated a detailed schedule for the event.  We have quite a few weekends coming up where we will be gone, so I wanted to make sure I’d have an adequate amount of runs planned.  I had concerns about working my strength training (I love Body Pump!) in with my weekday running schedule, but I read up on it, and it seems that it is not a major problem to do cardio after weights occasionally.  So my Thursdays will be stacked with strength training plus a run, but I think I can survive.

The schedule conforms to strength training Monday/Tuesday, runs on Tues/Thurs/Sat, and cross-training on Wed.  Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are pretty variable depending on what is planned that week.  You can find the full schedule here.  David has also asked to be my coach; he’s figuring out what heart rate, pace, etc. I need to meet my goal.  My 10 mile run last Saturday was at an ~9:40 min/mile pace, so I have a little work to do, but I think I can get there!  Tonight was one of the speed training nights with our running group on a high school track.  It consisted of a 10 min warm up, 8 x 30/30 (30 seconds at 80% of your max heart rate, 30 second jog), then a 10 min cool down.  Speed training is not my favorite, but apparently improving your fast twitch muscles through sprinting allows you to increase your pace on longer distances.  It makes sense as much as I dislike the idea!

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