Get Measured

Sorry, guys, this one’s all about bra size.  Yes, bras.  If you are a male reader, especially one related to me, you should probably go read something else; consider this your warning.

Regardless, I feel the need to post this to bring awareness to other women.  I was utterly flabbergasted while shopping last weekend.  Who knew that I fell into the 70% of women wearing the wrong bra size?  It should have been obvious to me since I’ve been really unhappy with my bras, but I blamed it on my body shape being “not normal”.  Nothing ever seemed to fit quite right and I’d been labeled a lot of sizes that I could never find available: 36A, 32B, etc.  So while shopping at the Woodlands Mall, David had no objection to taking a side trip to Victoria’s Secret and waiting while I got a fitting.  I was amazed when she told me 32C.  A to C??!!  Nice little confidence boost, and man, those previous sizes were way off!    So I’m here to tell you:

If you are unhappy with  your bras, it’s not you, it’s your bra!

Get a fit.  Victoria’s Secret had a great system:

  1. Go to the dressing room and get measured with clothes on. 
  2. Try on their recommended size then get checked for fit in both the front and back. 
  3. Try on their various styles of bras.  They have all the styles in black in drawers by size right there in the dressing room.  They will mark down down which ones you like. 
  4. Find out where the bras you liked are in the store.  Another attendant took me around the store and showed me where the styles I like were and what they had in a 32C.  So many options, colors and styles!  I was in heaven.  I bought three to try out, and I am sure to be back for more.  They system was great and super easy!

Here’s a preview of the next post (which is appropriate based on the nature of today’s post):

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