Urban Running Tour – London

As glamorous as it seems to be traveling to a great city such as London, I miss home and my routine. Business travel generally means long meetings without lunch breaks, unhealthy lunch options, and in this case, group trips to the pub. I managed to only have one British pint last night; I can’t say I’m a huge fan of their beer anyway. We went to the Cock & Lion, a small and slightly musty pub on Cavendish Street.

I got ready today in another one of my new outfits; well actually the same suit with a different suit.   I have to say I love my 3/4-length suit jacket! It feels well-dressed, yet slightly casual.  Don’t mind the picture quality, I took this in a rush on the way to work:

After a long day of meetings, I decided I’d do my own Urban Running Tour of London. I started in Hyde Park, which is quite close to where I’m staying. It’s fairly expansive and even has a little lake area with paddle boats and such.  The lake reminded me of one of the pointalism paintings by Seurat.

I continued on towards Buckingham Palace. There were a few spots where pedestrian crossings were “dodgy”, but I made it there okay. Here is a random arch on the way to the Palace, with a fun British cab in front.

Regent’s Park on the way to the Palace was beautifully lined with trees.

The palace itself was very iconic. I hadn’t seen it since high school, and at this time of year it was brightly lined with patriotic-colored (aka coloured) flowers. Good job Brits!

I continued on towards the Soho district and passed through Picadilly Circus on the way. I have memories of this brightly lit square from high school.

Soho was very colorful with lots of people.  My pictures of it just turned out busy looking though.  One random cool thing about London is their Barclay’s Rental bikes.  You can check them out at one of the stands, and return them at any other stand, and they’re free for half an hour.  They are all over the place, people really use them.

After over 4 miles of running, I returned back towards Oxford Street for some Pret a Manger salad, my ab work out, and prepping some work for tomorrow.  I’ve been feeling a little blah from eating too much this week, so I hope to get back on track and cook again when I get home! 


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