Greens Deprived

I had no intention of running today.  Until I realized the London Whole Foods was 2+ miles away.  That was literally the only motivation I had to go run after a long day of meetings!  The salad bar was calling my name…  I’ve made the realization that I usually eat an obnoxious amount of greens, and they’ve been absent from my plate this week!  Plus, after a 3-course work lunch where I ate as little as possible, a refreshing WF salad box sounded amazing.  Is Brittany to Whole Foods as is American Tourist to McDonalds?  I hoped not, but really didn’t care since I just wanted some fresh food (Pret a Manger is great as always, but you can only eat so many Pret wraps in one week).

I went through Hyde Park once again, this time transversing the entire park.  I ran through a number of lovely gardens – I believe the Italian and Kensington Gardens – and lots of large oak trees.

And finally there it was!

The interior wasn’t anything spectacular, but the salad bars were amazing.  Two big salad bars with lots of greens, quinoa, rices, etc.  I loaded up my salad bowl for a hefty 10 pounds (pricey for salad! but not nearly as pricey as a steak that my co-workers were likely eating), and then I headed back to the hotel via the 2 mile Hyde Park route.

Oh, hell yes.  Gluten-free carbs and dairy-free; my tummy is happy.  And yes, it’s a coconut water in the background.  I saw it and had to lug it back to the hotel too. 

Time for bed.  Tomorrow is a big meeting, then maybe off to a museum or yoga class to end the week before flying home Saturday morning.  I really can’t wait to be back home!

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