London Town

Greetings – I’m writing from London once more. I’m on a business trip M-F of this week. So far, it’s not too bad, nice 50-60 degree weather, and the sun stays out late during the summer.

I started my trip Sunday afternoon in Houston where David was sweet enough to drop me off at the airport before he and his friend went kiting. The airport was a breeze (no lines with business class!), but unfortunately I got a seat right in the very front row right next to the bathroom, and I didn’t sleep but 30 minutes on the plane. On the bright side, I finished a book and saw a movie I liked, Vicky Christina Barcelona. David will like to hear that since he is in love with both Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johanson who star in the movie. It was fun and artsy and took me away to Barcelona for a couple hours.

Upon landing, my two coworkers and I took the Heathrow Express into London then a cab to our hotel. I slept a few hours before we had to head to our meeting. I had on one of my new work outfits that David helped me pick out last weekend.  Dressed smart like a London bloke?  Can’t get the Kanye/Estelle song out of my head because of that line!

I struggled at the meeting today and eventually caved to some green tea which I really hope will not keep me up tonight! I declined dinner with the coworkers since we’re doing a group dinner tomorrow, and I went for a short jog in Hyde Park instead. Of course I brought a Lulu running outfit. See the note David packed in my suitcase? His hearts make my heart melt! Ok, I’ll try not to get too gushy here.

It was just a 30 minute run/walk – my body is still tired! Then I swung by my favorite Pret a Manger for some dinner and am now back in the hotel.  Maybe in the next few days I’ll bring the camera out of my hotel room, but I was too lazy today. Goodnight everyone!

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