Fluffy Oats

Here’s something to make you happy this weekend.  I love big weekend breakfasts when I have time to make them.  This has been my favorite post-run breakfast lately.  Paired with a Trilogy Kombucha it’s delish!  (I have to give some credit to the Edible Perspective blog, where I used her basic idea for this recipe then altered it):

Fluffy Oats

1/4 c Rolled Oats
1/4 c Oat Bran
1 c Almond Milk (or other non-dairy milk)
1/4 c Water
1/2 Banana
1 Egg (+ 1 Egg White if you are really hungry like me)
1 t Ground Flax Seed
1 T Chopped Walnuts
1 t Vanilla

Boil water & milk then stir in oats & oat bran. Boil then turn to low heat. Whisk in sliced banana, flax & nuts. Whisk in egg(s), then add vanilla. Wait for the perfect fluffiness then serve. Top with berries, cinammon, or dried fruit if desired.  If you don’t have eggs, don’t have time for eggs, or just want to make this dish vegan, substitute the eggs for 1/2 scoop of Raw protein powder.

I’m so sure I had taken a picture of the oats, but the picture is no where to be seen!  I promise they are delicious and cloud-like though.  They sound like a ton of calories but they really are not too bad:

Also, David is the proud parent of a baby pepper! Finally. I hope the birds don’t eat it while we are in Dallas this weekend.  We are off to visit Laura (David’s sister) & Bryan (her husband) for a weekend of mountain biking, rock climbing & other fun).

4 thoughts on “Fluffy Oats

  1. It’s always great to get a new breakfast dish! I’ll get my human to try it this weekend. You might try his Eggs Bokeelia – it’s in one of my older posts called “My Tale (tail) of Destruction.”

    1. They are great! I always thought I was the only one with an obsession with oats and nut butters, but I love that the blog world is equally obsessed. Thanks for all the great recipes you’ve shown me!!

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