Elise Visit!

Elise, my middle sister, was in town last weekend, and it always makes me happy when she comes to visit.  She’s just fun to be around.  She has a new camera and was taking all sorts of great pictures during her visit.  Scenes from around the kitchen area:




The weekend was great, but quick.  We tortured Elise by taking her to a very hot yoga class (extremely hot!), then going out to dinner & country dancing with Boudreaux & Mandy.  We drank lots of coconut water to get us through without being dehydrated.  The next day Elise & I went wedding dress shopping and I purchased “the” dress.  One more thing to check off the list, phew.  We came home, napped, then made a berry pie for David’s birthday.  I only recommend farm fresh eggs when making pie:


Not going to lie, this was not the healthiest pie crust ever:


But beautiful:


We had an early night with a usual pasta dinner.  We tried quinoa pasta, and not only was it tasty, but also photographed well:



We ended the night (before waking up at 3 AM for the airport) with a game of Clue.  I miss Elise already, but only a little while until I see her at my bachelorette party!


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