While taking a picture of my CSA today, it reminded me that it’s time to write in my blog!

I’ve had an up and down week.  I had a couple “girl” days this weekend where I just needed to cry, and then a couple of great days following them.  Sometimes you just need to let it all out. 

After letting it all out, I decided to stop sulking and get going, so I went to some yoga classes at Joy Yoga here in Houston.  It was Vinyasa style, and though it wasn’t hot yoga it was hot!  I’m not sure if the room was heated, but there was definitely no AC.  I had sweat dripping, but I kind of loved it.  It felt so good to reconnect with yoga after having been on a slight hiatus.  I was doing some 20-minute yoga sessions at home (seen below from last fall), but I’ve been lazy about it lately and could definitely tell I was tight and unbalanced!


In addition to yoga on Monday night, I had my first canning & preserving class on Tuesday night (taken through leisure learning).  I was definitely the youngest in the class, but I don’t care, I’m very excited to learn how to can/preserve all the great farm foods I’m getting.  Jeanne, the instructor, was definitely from my grandma’s era, and I really enjoyed listening to her.  Everything was at a slower pace, and it reminded me to slow down, and to enjoy the little things. 

Speaking of slowing down, I realized a couple things I need to work on for July:

  • Slowing Down: I really enjoyed reading this post from Oh She Glows
  • Stop Comparisons: this one from the Zen Habits blog recommended to me by my Aunt really spoke to me.  I have a huge issue with constant comparisons to others rather than just enjoying what I’m doing for what it is. 
  • Realizing perfectionism is irrational: I’m always striving towards perfectionism, which often gets me down on myself, even though perfectionism is not realistic.

For that reason, for July (or what is left of it) will be “Zen” month.  I really don’t know a lot about Zen, but there are moments in my life I’ve defined as “Zen” when I’ve been carefree and living in the moment.   For Zen month my quotes to concentrate on are:

  • From the Zen Habits: I’m always happy with what I’m doing, because I don’t compare it to anything else, and instead pay close attention to the activity itself. I’m always happy with whoever I’m with, because I learn to see the perfection in every person. I’m always happy with where I am, because there’s no place on Earth that’s not a miracle. 
  • Also from Zen Habits: Life will suck if you are always wishing you’re doing something else. Life will rock if you realize you’re already doing the best thing ever.
  • When things aren’t going perfectly, ask yourself What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Breathe

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