A Perfect 10

Ahh, the weekend was great.  Following pancakes on Sunday morning, we started crossing things off our to do list.  This included removing the “pile” that always seems to creep up on my desk, scanning stuff, wedding planning, & crossing things off the list in general.  We did pretty well and by the afternoon had sent another wedding email out to all those interested in going to Hawaii.

That evening we invited Mandy & Boudreaux over for dinner.  Mandy and I had been wanting to cook together for awhile, and we still had lots of fish leftover from when the boys went fishing a week ago.  Thank goodness Mandy was there, we had lots of cutting & chopping to do!  She was also good about pan-frying the fish while I was running around doing other stuff.

We made a seriously delicious summer meal – seriously: whitefish tacos with rhubarb salsa with a black bean side salad inspired by my CSA and Clean Food.  I randomly saw the fish/salsa recipe on the internet and had to try it.  I ran to the grocery store a few minutes before to get the rhubarb – well worth it!  The boys were extremely happy and proclaimed the meal a 10.

It paired well with some apple beer:

Then we played Clue for the first time in a very long time for all of us!  It was so much fun.  Especially since we ganged up on David – but he won anyway, darn.  

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