Greetings from Covington, Louisiana.  It’s a stormy night here, and I’m writing in from the slowest internet connection ever!  It’s really annoying.  Anyway, the above picture is an iphone shot of one of the watercolor paintings in our Covington office.  I liked the colors and it reminded me of the French Quarter and the time in college when a group of us came to visit a friend who was getting her graduate degree at Tulane.  We went to a street party/art festival with lots of neat houses like this one.

I’m here for a week on a business trip to help review decision quality for a project.  It is a learning opportunity – or in other words I’m the youngest on the review team!  We have a few more days, then we are flying back to Houston on Friday.  After not traveling for business in a long time, I realized I don’t mind not traveling for business!  Hotel rooms are lonely, and after I’ve started cooking, I’m even more picky about food than I ever was.  It’s kind of hard to find fresh vegetables in Louisiana.  I decided international travel definitely has better veggie options than most US business travel, since it is more accomodating to foreigners with dietary needs.

On the plus side, I planned ahead a bit and baked some buckwheat muffins.  I made them very similar to the recipe on the link, except I added a bit of maple syrup, and dried cherries and coconut.  Here is a week’s worth going in the oven (1 big one = 3 small muffins).

And here’s one that’s about to be eaten!  They are great and are keeping me pretty full.

I also brought a mix of Nugo & Mojo bars which I’m eating mid-morning, and a bunch of mini Lara bars which I eat instead of the regular cookies they serve in the afternoon.  A few other essentials are my Nalgene water bottle so I can drink lots of water during the day, and some emergen-C and tea packets.

While on the plane over, I finished The Dirty Life (and no it’s not porn-related, it’s a “Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love”).  It was on my recommended list and I thought it was a neat story about a New Yorker that fell for a farmer and ran away with him to start a CSA farm.  Since I’m participating in a CSA, this was right up my alley.   I liked it because it was seasonally organized, it explained a lot of the challenges they faced on the farm (and made me more appreciative of real food) and it explored her new relationship with the farmer.  I did think it was slightlyidealistic and unreasonable on some ideas, but overall pretty good.  It was very similar to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle or Farm City.

I have a couple more days here, and unfortunately have not even ventured more than a half mile outside of the radius of the hotel since I don’t have a rental car.  I’ve seen the Chevron office, but I still don’t know what the city of Covington is like, other than Lake Ponchatrain and a very long bridge separates it from New Orleans.  Oh well; I kind of like the fact that I can hear thunder right now; it makes me not feel so bad that I’m stuck in a hotel room for the evening.

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