It’s June

Already… I have to remind myself that I made some goals in April and then was a slacker in May and had none!  I blame it on all the travel lately.  These were the April goals:

April Goals & Progress

  1. Sign up for a big bike event and a triathlon for 2011 (NOT done)
  2. Reduce amount of TV watching (so so – currently hooked on Glee and Parks & Rec, but is that so terrible?)
  3. Plan May trips (done!)

May Progress

On a positive note, I think these things have gone well over the past couple of months:

  • I’m attending Body Pump a couple times a week, and maybe averaging one 2,000 m swim per week (in addition to any other exercise I normally do).  I might not have mentioned Body Pump extensively before, but I love it!  And this is coming from a girl who thoroughly dislikes the weight room.  Body Pump is in a group exercise setting, and has good music, so I really enjoy it.  The routine is warm up, squats, chest, back & hamstrings, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders and abs.  I rarely stay for shoulders & abs since I don’t have a long enough lunch.
  • I’m cooking LOTS.  Due to the CSA; definitely meeting my greens quota daily
  • I’m bike riding this weekend!  It’s the first time in awhile, but I’m headed out to the hills while David goes fishing.  It helps that I biked a little in May.

June Goals

  1. Finalize commuter bike set up (I set up my fix-y for neighborhood rides, but tried it last night, and there are some issues so I’ll transfer the rack & pedals to the Cannondale.  Yeah, I have 3 bikes…)
  2. Figure out how my plants can survive in this hot, dry summer – map out the balcony light?  add light, add shade??  Why is my Basil dying??
  3. To tri or not to tri?  Figure out an event to do!!  (tri, bike, or other)
In addition to these, next week I’m on a business trip to Covington.  I need to get a couple of additions to my wardrobe (most likely Express) including a suit jacket, and figure out how to pack uber light.  I also want to bring some healthy foods since the food there will be very rich, and I’m doubtful of fresh veggie options.  I’ll report back on all that later.  Now to figure out an easy dinner; no cooking tonight.

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