Moab, Trip 2

Last year David and I visited Moab, Utah on Memorial Day weekend and started a love affair with that area.  I can’t even describe how great it is.  I think part of it is just being able to get away despite the usual busy Memorial Day crowds.  This year our trip was just as exciting as last years, and we are already talking about what we will do the next time we visit.  Here are my thoughts from the trip:

Realization #1: There are geological formations out there from so long ago, I can’t even begin to fathom.  These ones remind me of castles.

#2: David and I do make mistakes and are extreme worry warts once we realize it.  If you’re driving a long distance to a remote National Park, make sure you gas up prior to getting on dirt roads with no gas stations.  We were lucky and found the Needles outpost and paid high dollar for gas to get us back home.  Oops!

#3: Sometimes shorter hikes can be good, especially if your plane was delayed 4 hours and you arrived at your destination at 3 AM, getting little sleep.  Shorter hikes are especially good if you have enough time to set up camp, do some barefoot yoga, get a massage from your future hubby and enjoy a leisurely dinner with your feet dangling over a rock ledge.

#4: There’s nothing like waking up in nature with not a soul in the same canyon as you.  The quiet, still sound is the best stress reliever I can think of.

#5: I don’t enjoy mountain biking (or biking) in gusty winds.  It just doesn’t mix and is extremely scary when there are lots of rocks around to get blown into.  Sorry David!

#6: Moab has an amazing restaurant just north of town called Desert Bistro.  Check it out if you are there and need a nice meal, it’s especially nice as the sun goes down leaving a blue highlight across the red cliffs.  For a simpler, yet delicous lunch or dinner, you must go to the Love Muffin or Red Rock Bakery.

#7: Don’t judge a hotel by its internet pictures.  It could be a motel in disguise (that’s what happened to us).

#8: I’m not half bad at rapelling & canyoneering.  I had so much fun; I need to try outdoor rock climbing next.

#9: Sometimes you just need a good beer and some pizza after a long day.  It is even better if you are in Utah and can drink some Evolution Amber Ale.  We really enjoyed the beer, then liked it even more after learning the name.

#10: Vacations are great and I love them.  I love even more that I know I’m going home afterwards with someone that makes my life a big, wonderful vacation every time I’m with him.

Ok, enough mushy-ness.  I’m signing off.

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