Looking Forward to this Weekend + May Recap

Happy almost-Memorial Day everyone!  I am excited for the long weekend.  David and I are going to Moab, Utah again – we went there last year for Memorial Day and loved it so much that we are going again.  This photo taken last year at our secluded campsite in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park doesn’t even begin to describe its beauty:

We have a 2-day backpacking trip planned plus mountain biking and canyoneering.  Anyway, more to come on that next week.  Unfortunately my camera broke this month (hence the lack of pictures), but here are some ones from my mobile camera to recap the month of May; disregard the terrible quality.

Lots of CSA goodies were enjoyed from our partial CSA share:

Which meant lots of new recipes & trials (as much as I love greens, I do NOT recommend cooking cauliflower leaves).  But I did find out frittatas are great ways to use up leftover veggies.  You can just google it and find a recipe like this one: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/spinach_frittata/.

And frittatas are especially good if you get TWO egg yolks in one of your farm fresh eggs (I get mine at Revival Market in the Heights, which sell them from local farms):

You can also juice leftover CSA veggies into a frothy fresh juice (I got my mini Breville juicer last week!).  A Beet-Ginger-Carrot Juice (copied from Eats in San Francisco) is modeled here by David.  He was not aware that beets turn your urine red, and thought he had contracted cancer shortly after.  Luckily it was a false alarm.

And lastly here I am in a dress Grandma Susie had picked out for me awhile back.  I am feeling good after all this clean eating!

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