Gardening Triumphs & Woes

I love mornings when we get to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast.  Today it was steel cut oats with raspberries & walnuts and a Synergy Kombucha on the side (Trilogy is my favorite flavor!).  I still am working on how to best cook steel cut oats.  I have rice cooker envy of the Daily Garnish’s rice cooker that does porridge; it might be an upcoming kitchen purchase…

This week has been pretty good, apart from getting sick at the end.  It’s pretty common for me to get sick a few days after traveling – less sleep, busy airports, lots of people on the plane and not enough fluids.   While we were coming home I told David I’d be on a different eating regimen this week since we have engagement photos this weekend.  I wanted to feel clean and happy, so I ate a LOT of greens – green smoothies, green juice, green salads.  And it does feel good!  I’ve been pretty gluten free and vegan all week (not necessarily intentionally, but more a result of eating a lot of CSA goods & limiting bread).  I feel really good, apart from my nails splitting very easily, possibly a lack of calcium?  I’ve been reading and using recipes from Terry Walter’s cookbook “Clean Food” and I love it – highly recommended.  I’ve already bought her second book “Clean Start“; it’s coming in today, can’t wait!  Thesebooks aren’t labeled vegan, but they are pretty much animal product-free and the recipes are in order of season, which I love.  I’m on the spring recipes and am soon moving into the summer ones.

In gardening news, David picked up a couple packs of cucumber seeds at the store and decided he wanted to grow them on the soil just outside of our balcony.  I informed him it was “squatting” much like in the book I recently read on David’s Kindle, “Farm City” (thanks for the recommendation, Megan – good read!).  I was excited about our hippie-ish rebellious idea (we don’t get very rebellious obviously).  This morning we looked at the cucumber is already sprouting after only a few days!  It’s almost impossible to see in this picture, but there are some green specs on the ground.

In more somber gardening news, David’s jalapeno pepper plant is having a very challenging existence.  First it was afids, and now birds are attacking the peppers.  And David even pollinated the peppers himself with a q-tip.  There was one sole jalapeno left yesterday, and we found it lying in the dirt today.  Sad face.

But David ate it anyway and said it was nice and spicy.

Tomorrow since we don’t have much going on except engagement pictures in the afternoon, we decided it would be a garden up-keeping day.  My basil is dried out, so I need to move it to a shadier spot.  That’s all for now, enjoy the weekend!

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