Bay to Breakers

Yawn – tired today after an awesome weekend in SF with my cousins! We ate our way through the city and enjoyed the Bay to Breakers Run on Sunday. Here are some of my favorite memories:

1 – Park techno dance party with frisbees & hacky sack. Apparently I’m not a hacky sack pro!
2 – Running on the Embarcadaro in the morning. Very nice way to start the day near the water.
3 – Running to brunch so we wouldn’t loose our reservation at the very delicious “Eats” – first time I have been to a truly local restaurant! I highly recommend it. I had “Detox Juice” of beets, ginger and carrot that was so good that I simply must get a small size juicer so that I can make myself. Also reminded me I love steel cut oats and should take the time to make a big batch at night.

4 – Waiting in lots of food lines! I guess this is normal in SF.
5 – B*Star deliciousness (Burmese Food) – including a lentil curry (Yello Bean Veg Ragu – spicy tomato lentils, medley of veggies, basmatti cardamom cinnamon rice) I must attempt to recreate and a yummy ginger beer mixer.
6 – Throwing tortillas at Charles Swab building while freezing before the race start.
7 – Running alongside the many costumes and lack there of and me & my future hubby getting interviewed for the local AM radio station while he was wearing a coconut bra

8 – Running through Golden Gate Park
9 – The Balenciaga exhibit & views from the tower in Golden Gate Park. Got me excited for Project Runway!
10 – Spening time with Megan, Sarah & John. They are so great and did an awesome job planning our weekend. I can’t wait until my Bachelorette party in the fall to see the girls again.

Since we got back at midnight on Sunday, I slept as much as I could before my carpool and whipped this bad boy up on the way out the door:

Kale Protein Breakfast Smoothie
couple handfuls of kale
a few frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
1 scoop Raw Protein Powder (I like this one because it’s vegan, organic and no Stevia or Soy.  Though like any other can make things taste powdery)
1 scoop Amazing Grass
1+ cup Non-Dairy Milk
1- T chia seeds
1/3 c quick oats

Blend together (blender will need some help with this thick mix) & eat with a spoon. I liked it because it had both the carbs and protein and GREEN I was craving. So good after a long day of travel.

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