Laura & Bryan’s Wedding

Who would of thought, but I think I am getting into this wedding stuff… we got home late last night (1:30 AM) from Laura (David’s sister) & Bryan’s wedding in Austin. It was so well done! Their personality definitely showed through it. And I liked the fact that David wore a suit!

It was quite a whirlwind weekend; we biked ~60 hilly miles Friday, met up with David’s cousin Amy & her fiance from San Jose, and all the parents and went to the Driskill for drinks and then to a Tex-Mex place on 6th street. I had fun getting wedding tips from Amy, who is having a wedding at a plantation outside of New Orleans in the fall.

On Saturday I went with the bride, mother of the bride and maid (actually matron in this case) of honor to get our nails done. Then we headed to the rehearsal then out to the lake. For the rehearsal dinner, they rented a house boat, and grilled and made margaritas. It was a 2-story house boast (first one I’d ever been on) and had a slide. The water was cold, but there was a hot tub on top which was awesome! The weather was perfect.

David and I enjoyed sleeping in until 7 both days (that’s late!), and on Sunday we went to San Antonio to see Granny, who is in a 24/7 care facility. She was really peppy and seemed happy to see us.   She really liked looking at my ring.  We stayed an chatted for awhile, then headed back to Austin to get ready. We got to the venue about 45 minutes early and I got to join Laura and the girls for a champagne toast in the bridal area. She looked gorgeous! I loved her dress, hair, etc. Here she is walking down the aisle with Mr. Breaux.  Her dress also made me want to get a train, though I don’t know if it’s practical if we get married in Hawaii?

I was very teary-eyed when they played a violin-version of a Coldplay song when the Bridesmaids came out, but I held it back!  Here is a picture from a few moments before of my future hubby walking his mom down the aisle:

The wedding was overlooking Lake Travis at an Austin/Italian Villa-like venue.  Bryan and Laura were so happy.

They had drinks and a buffet dinner, some toasts, then dancing with glo-sticks.  I had fun dancing; I’m thinking we need some dancing at our wedding too.  The night ended with a tunnel of sparklers then they sped off in Bryan’s racing car (he used to race cars at A&M) and they’re now off to their honeymoon in Italy.   We sped off in David’s truck back to Houston and got a few hours of sleep before work.  I had a 7:30 AM meeting, ouch!  The work day wasn’t fun, but I’m sure going to sleep well tonight.  I’m finishing up baking some buckwheat muffins a la Edible Perspective (I had some old bananas and made a big batch so I have breakfast for the next 3 days) then it’s time for bed…

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