Busy B

Yeah, I’ve been a busy Brittany lately; working for long hours doesn’t make coming home to get on the computer and blog too appealing.  I can’t complain, however, because I have been hoping for more work, so I got what I asked for.  March has just flown by, and April is “wedding” season here in Texas, so it will be busy too.

Today I did a 62 mile bike ride; it made me so happy!  I needed some stress relief.  I’ve decided I need a goal to train for also.  I don’t have any upcoming big athletic events (apart from a 12k in March).  What to do next?

Unfortunately I haven’t set any monthly goals in the past few months – I’ve just wanted to get through the past few months!   But I’m trying to adhere to my yearly goals.  Here’s my first quarter update, and some to do’s or goals for April.

2011 Goals Update

1.  Strength Train, Rock Climb, or Swim – 2x per week.  This one is going great!  I’ve started Body Pump (a group class with bars/weights) and LOVE it.  I am seeing results already!  I’ve also been swimming quite often.
2. Read 1 book/month average.  I think I’m on par here, but nothing more – I’ve managed to confiscate David’s kindle!
3. Update blog at least 4x/mo.  Arg – failing this one!  Must do more updates.
4. Run a <2hr half marathon.  Sadly, the Austin Half was not my sub 2 hour marathon, not even close.  I was in such good shape last Dec. and lost it in Jan.  I still really want to do this, so I’m going to join the running club again.  I think my hip has almost healed (it was bugging me but I didn’t know which muscle was in pain, in case I hadn’t mentioned it already).
5. Complete a triathlon.  I really liked when I did Tri Andy’s 1.5 years ago.  Have not signed up for this yet.
6. 2 drinks max.  I’ve been pretty steady with this, but I’m becoming such a lightweight!!  Maybe there’s been a time where I had 2.5 drinks though…
7. Travel to at least one new place.  SF is on the list, but still need do get tickets, and maybe New Zealand for the honeymoon?
8. Climb consistent 5.9s.  Need to go to the rock gym more!  My hope it to go tomorrow.
9. Take 2 hobby-related classes.  I took an art class already, and hope to do another one when things die down.
10. Expand social circle through activities/hobbies.  Still need to work on it!
11. Continue a healthy lifestyle.  My garden is expanded (thanks to Mom & Dad) and growing well.  I’ve been pretty good about the plant-based diet but have been eating too many fats (I’m pretty sure nut butter is the culprit here).  I still eat meat, just not as often.

April Goals

1.  Sign up for a big bike event and a triathlon for 2011
2.  Reduce amount of TV watching
3.  Plan May trips

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