Still Doing Dishes

The detox is going well; I haven’t given in to any sweets!  (apart from another Fage yesterday).  I was feeling better yesterday and went on a 40-mile bike ride.  It was extremely windy, but felt great.  Until later in the day when I turned into a sloth from being so tired.  I experimented with cooking a little over the past 24 hours, and think I’ve used every appliance and bowl by now (hence the title).  Unfortunately I need to make modifications before I do these recipes again.  They actually weren’t that bad; just nothing I’d serve to company.  It’s Blueberry Buckwheat Muffins and Otsu Noodles.  They don’t look too bad though!  Don’t the lemons & limes look good?  I’ve been using them to flavor my water.

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