Slowing Down

I love my active lifestyle.  What I don’t love is when it gets so active that I get worn down and sick.  I’m having a great year so far, but with multiple trips, going out to eat lots, not enough sleep, all have taken their toll…  I’ve felt exhausted, sick and heavy this past week.  So time to change that!  A little change in my diet always helps me feel better.  I figure I’ll stick with it if I write it down in the blog.  Two blogs I’ve found helpful with their detox stories are:

So why am I doing a clean food detox for 1 week because:
– I feel bloated (i.e. I feel heavy and have probably gained weight)
– I’m eating way to many sweet, sugary foods and craving them
– I feel tired and not energized a lot

What I’m eliminating:
– Refined Carbs
– Processed Foods

Reducing intake of:
– Sugar (except for sports drinks/gels)
– Salt
– Animal Products

What I’m increasing:
– Water & Tea
– Greens
– Food I cooked myself
– Yoga, meditation, exercise

This morning I already had some delicious Scottish oats (though I did use vanilla soy milk with sugar and cereal topping with sugar), and for a snack some Pepitas and a Fage yogurt that had a fruit side (this also had corn starch etc). So little did I realize it, but there’s already improvements I can make. I think if I track everything on the blog, I’ll be more accountable.

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