Vail Ski Trip plus…..Engaged!!!

This post is too long overdue, but…. Eeeek!  I am sooo excited and giddy about being engaged!  It was totally unexpected, and I had no idea my reaction would be this way, but I love it!!  I’ve got to recap the whole ski trip, so I can remember it:

Day 1 – Saturday Arrival

We landed in Vail and were hoping to get to the hotel in time to do a free snow shoeing tour, but we missed it by minutes.  I think it was better that way, since we did run 7 miles in Houston that morning, so we’d gotten our workout in.  After checking out Lionshead & Vail and getting some snacks, we met my old high school friend, Megan, and her boyfriend, Frank, for dinner.  I loved that she hadn’t changed a bit!  And was jealous of all her mountain activities – mountain biking club, nordic skiing, snow shoeing.  We went to a local basement bar that reminded me of Durango a little.  We crashed around 10 so that we could get up early for skiing the next day.

Day 2 – Sunday 1st Ski Day

We didn’t get snow, but the skies were clear and sunny.  On our first day we transversed most of the mountain + back bowls aimlessly.  It was just fun exploring.  We only took a break to sit in the snow and eat our pb, nutella & banana sandwiches (which were highly delicious).  We skied from 8:45 – 3:30 and were totally wiped out by the end of the day.  We hit the hot tub, grabbed pizza and ended up being in bed by 8 PM, but only barely!  It was a typical Breaux-Brittany vacation where we hit it too hard the first day!

Day 3 – Monday V-day

We took Day 2 of skiing a little easier after I woke up with a dehydration headache.  We hit up Starbucks for Chai teas & oatmeal for me – and then got to the slopes still before 9 AM.  We worked our way around most of the blues on the front side, quite a few blacks, and even a double black that was basically just a really long run of moguls (sorry David!).  We stopped for our sandwiches and got gatorade which helped, and I kept sipping on my Camelback throughout the day. At 2:30 we took a break for a Shocktop beer on top of the mountain – it never tasted so good!   It made the last few runs less painless too.  We hit the gondola at 3:27 with three minutes to spare before last chair.  After again hitting the rooftop hot tubs, we took a break then got dressed up for a nice dinner.  David was taking me to Kelly Liken – a former Top Chef contestant that made Seasonal American cuisine – totally up my alley.  We decided this was one of the best meals we’d ever had.  We ordered:

– Elk Carpaccio with Rose Champagne
– Bison cooked two ways with potato Rosti for me and Colorado Leg of Lamb for David with Cabs
– Sticky bread pudding for dessert

The meat was the best I’ve ever had!  Couldn’t get over how good it was.

Day 4 – Tuesday – Last Day/ Engagement Day

We got up once more, and did our last Starbucks run.  I made it out without a headache this time, yay.  We hit up the back bowls most of the morning, mainly the China bowl, then worked our way back over to the front doing lots of flat blues and blacks.  We made a special lunch stop to split a buffalo burger around noon.  We love splitting meals 🙂  It was just the right amount of food and was delicious.  I was on a bison/buffalo kick!  We continued skiing and did our ritual 2:30 Shocktop, and got in 2 more runs before finishing up the day.  Boy was I exhausted.  David asked me a number of times if I was okay and I repeated yes, that I was just tired (which I was).  We did the hot tub, then went out for a light meal.  Before going out, Elise, my middle sister, texted me “Call/text me if you get engaged lady :)” since she was guessing it was going to happen on the trip.  I looked at the text and laughed and read it to David then said “But she doesn’t know I told you to wait”.  I told him that, even though I was thinking I kind of wished he wouldn’t have waited.  So poor David had decided he was going to go through with it that night, but then became very unsure of himself.

The remainder of the dinner he continued to act funny and I was oblivious because I was tired.  I just wanted to eat!  Once we got home he really wanted to play Scrabble, so I went along with it even though I was tired.  Little did I know, he had a device rigged up his sleeve to feed himself extra “Will You” tiles, and had the “Marry Me” on an additional tire holder under his chair.  Unfortunately, he was so nervous, he dropped the W he needed back into the tile pile, and then was trying to get it back the whole game.  After some time, he finally said it wasn’t working out, and then to my surprise, pulled out the “Marry Me” tiles and got down on his knee.  I’ll never forget how heartfelt his proposal was.  I loved it!  And yes, I cried.  We talked for an hour afterwards because we were both so excited, then David, being done with his nervousness scarfed down the food in the room.  I think he slept well that night (I was so excited I couldn’t!).

Day 5 – Leaving

We slept in, which was much needed, and hit up the Little Diner.  Delish food (check my review on yelp if you’re curious).  We both enjoyed it while in post-engagement bliss.  We called our families that day on the way home and continued calling/emailing people when we got home.

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