Happy 30th Megan!

Whew, what a whirlwind weekend visiting Megan for her 30th birthday in Orange, CA.  I always come back inspired to be a more environmentally friendly and “local” citizen after visiting Megan, I love it!

Look at that Californian blue sky and amazing oranges in Orange County… what’s not to love?  The weather was so nice, California didn’t disappoint.  Here are a couple pictures from near Megan’s work.

I sat on one of the marble benches and read David’s kindle for a bit.  It was so pleasant.  After reading there, I met Megan and her judge took us and her co-workers to lunch, and then let her off early – how kind was that?!  What were we to do but to go shoe shopping!  I bought some flats, and Megan got a gait analysis done and got running shoes.

We went out to the Orange bars later that night, but there are no pictures – maybe there would have been if the male client-el were more interesting 😦  The next morning, Megan served a delicious oatmeal breakfast in my favorite breakfast nook:

It is sooo adorable!  We had oatmeal with lots of delicious toppings.  Her kitchen is quite small, but super cute, AND she is doing a CSA.  When I said I’d been thinking about it, she said “don’t think about it, just do it”.  So I did, I signed up for the March season here in Houston, can’t wait!  Also in her kitchen is my favorite persimmons painting by her mom (Aunt Gayle):
And I need to remember not to complain about my Texas-sized kitchen when I see how she  manages with hers (I think she is peeling hard-boiled eggs here…):
We also did some kayaking and met some of her friends at Seal Beach for crepes, then we walked to the pier after:
Obviously, there was a lot of partying I’ve left out, but to sum up, we had French 77s.  If you’ve never had them, they’re a classy and delicious way to drink champagne:
French 77
1 shot Elderflower Liqueur
1/4 shot Lemon Juice
Lemon Twirl
And to finish off the weekend, we had a lunch at the Filling Station (mmmm, it was filling and so good).  I had my first poached egg, and will have to eat them more often.  We did save the best for last – Trader Joe’s!  Megan was kind enough to offer to stop there and then she wouldn’t even let me pay for the food I was getting!  But now I’m eating some delicious TJs this week and thinking of her 🙂
I do have to say Megan is taking her 30th fabulously, and I hope that I can do the same.  I’m always very focused on age and worry about it too much.  Speaking of age, one of the other Megan quotes I liked was”I’m really into Anti-Aging” too – i.e. I wear sunscreen and protect my skin.  Worrying + Tanning = wrinkles = bad.  So I’ll remember that.  I also really like what she did when she said that she went through each year in her twenties and thought about how great they were.  I sat on the airport thinking of mine.  I’ll list them out for you in a couple years 🙂

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