2010 Resolutions/Goals Recap

Last year I grouped my goals into categories.


  • Plant at least 2 herbs.  Done – My garden of three has grown to about 6 that haven’t die yet.  Unfortunately I did manage to kill the orchid David got me.
  • Cook once per week.  Done – Okay, so I averaged once per week, and that was only because I got into cooking a whole lot in the last few months of 2010.  There were a couple months in the spring when I lived of MyFitFood packaged meals to try to loose a few pounds.  Thinking about the enormous amounts of protein I ate on their program kind of disgusts me now.  I really like cooking my own meals and knowing what goes into my food instead.
  • Sew an article of clothing.  Fail – I decided not to buy a sewing machine because I didn’t think I had enough time for this hobby yet, and I still think it’s a good decision.  I hope to get into it at a later date.
  • Take 2 art classes.  Done – I ended up with 2.5 paintings, and the 2 finished ones are hanging in around the apartment.
  • Recycle.  Done – David and I got this awesome bin from Ikea and it makes things easy.


  • Yoga wheel pose with leg up.  Done – but I already could do this kind of.
  • Pigeon pose.  Fail – I didn’t dedicate as much time to hatha-style yoga as I thought I would.  I got into Bikram and Vinyasa Flow and enjoyed them much better.  I decided my muscles were too cold and did not stretch as well when my body wasn’t warm, so trying to achieve pigeon was difficult.  I still do the pose often since it’s a great runners/cyclist pose.  I really love “Hip Opening Flow Yoga” at www.yogadownload.com.  It is sooo worth the $1.99, and I use it after almost all my long runs.  So all in all, I think the way I’m approaching yoga and blending it in with my cardio workouts is better now than it was.


  • Read at least 6 books.  Done – I can’t recap all the books I read, but there were a lot related to food, the Dragon Tattoo series, and a few other New York Times best seller types.


  • Learn stocks.  Fail – I’m not interested or passionate about this, so I didn’t do it.  I won’t re-list it for 2011!


  • Travel to at least one new country.  Done – I got to meet Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay in 2010.

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