11 in 2011

Normally I do monthly goal posts, but since this month flew by with holidays and travel, I’ll just post my 2011 resolutions (aka goals) and start fresh with monthly goals in Feb.  This year’s theme is STRENGTH.

1.  Strength Train, Rock Climb, or Swim – 2x per week.  I’ve decided I really need to focus on strength this year versus just cardio.

2. Read 1 book/month average.  Add some classics to the mix.

3. Update blog at least 4x/mo.  It’s kind of therapeutic – it’s the diary I had when I was little!

4. Run a <2hr half marathon.  I just need to find one to sign up for and continue with the training.

5. Complete a triathlon.  I really liked when I did Tri Andy’s 1.5 years ago.  I want to make this a goal again.  Stretch goal is to complete an olympic-distance tri.

6. 2 drinks max.  I know this seems like a rule or maybe that I’m getting old, but while I still like alcohol and feel it’s necessary at some functions and needed after long days, I find that I feel so much better when I don’t have a hangover in the morning.  I’m big into hydration nowadays.  (And it’s not like I often drink more than 2, but usually at 3 or 4 is when I feel the affects the next day).

7. Travel to at least one new place.  Traveling is always included in the goals 🙂

8. Climb consistent 5.9s.  This is really a “stretch” goal, but I want to include it anyway.  It will help me focus on technique.  And I’d like to climb outside if I can this year.

9. Take 2 hobby-related classes.  Variety helps me de-stress, and this is way better than TV watching!  I think hobbies help with self-confidence too.

10. Expand social circle through activities/hobbies.  As much as I love living with David, I need more girls/friends in my life too!  I didn’t put a metric to this one, but I want to remain conscious of it.

11. Continue a healthy lifestyle.  This includes:

– keeping my balcony garden alive

– heavily plant-based diet

– Cooking 1x per week

– Sweating 1x per day (with at least one rest day per week)


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