Shopping & British Porridge

It’s Day 3 and I’m getting a little more of a feel for the London grind, though I’ve spent a lot of my days indoors in a windowless meeting room. Last night we didn’t get out of meetings until around 6 PM, so it was definitely dark and getting quite windy. I ventured out on a tour of the shopping district anyway.  Here I am getting bundled up:

I went to Oxford Circus (the intersection of Oxford & Regent), down Regent Street, then cut across, up New Bond Street and back to Oxford Street.  Here’s a picture of Regent Street.  I like how this came out with the red bus, maybe a potential painting?

I stopped in Top Shop, Armani Exchange and a couple others, but decided not to buy anything; even though there were many sales, it was still to expensive for me! There were lots of people out and about, as well as double-deckers roaming the streets. On the way back in, I stopped at a Pret A Manger (recommended by Megan) and as they were just closing I snagged a wrap, chips, and a drink. I headed back to the hotel, read for an hour or two, and finished The Call of the Wild. I am in love with the dictionary on the Kindle – so helpful with words I don’t know. The Call of the Wild was simple and not too long, but I really enjoyed the descriptive writing and hearing everything from Buck’s (the dog) point of view. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite book ever, but it’s worth reading if you didn’t in high school, and especially if you can get it for free on an electronic reader.

This morning I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 20 minutes. After the run yesterday, I’ve had a hip ache. I think it’s the Psoas or Illiopsoas muscle, but I’m not sure. So I didn’t try running again. Then I headed 3 blocks down to Pret A Manger (again!) to grab breakfast. I had their porridge and it is the creamiest, BEST porridge I’ve ever had. I have no idea how they made it so delicious and creamy, and it wasn’t high in fat. Their website says it is made of “British Jumbo Oats”, so I’ll have to see if I can find where I can order those! Really delish!

I’m off to dinner then see The Lion King with Lance & Joey tonight, yay!

Oh, and I’m writing this down so I can remember it (in case there is a next time): there is an Indian restaurant called Gaylord’s near the hotel for good curry.

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