London Theater Night with Joey & Lance

It’s the end of Day 3 now, and I’m leaving London tomorrow. I do wish I had a bit more time to see the city (museums, etc.), but I do miss having a travel partner – alone is not the same!   Unfortunatley I’m having some camera issues, so you’ll have to wait until I get home to see pictures.

After work (and getting some plane supply food a la Pret a Manger – new fav fast food ever).  This was last night’s meal, but you get the picture – preservative free, and no food is flown in except for Basil.

I walked to Covent Gardens to meet Joey & Lance (David’s cousin that just got transfered to London for work) at Wagamama – a noodle restaurant. It was a little rainy when I left, and I’m so glad I brought my hotel umbrella because the rain picked up as I was walking. I walked down Oxford Street and remembered some of the area from when I was in high school. The walk was about 1.2 miles, so it was refreshing after sitting most of the day, but unfortunately my socks were soaked by the end of it!  This is the Covent Garden Market to give you an idea of the weather:

Wagamama was really yummy. They’re set up with benches and have fast food with good ingredients.

I had a soba noodle soup with fried tofu & veggies – I highly recommend it, but watch the large portions! Joey & Lance had soba noodle plates. We caught up and I got to hear all about life in London. It’s always fun to talk to them. Then we walked over to the theater (only a couple of blocks over) to watch The Lion King. Definitely the best stage sets & costumes I’ve ever seen! Hyenas, giraffes, birds – just amazing. Usually during shows I get tired by the second half, but this one was so entertaining and there was so much to see that I barely noticed how the time flew by. The puppeteers were especially good as well. Joey and I splurged on double chocolate ice cream during the break as well. I’ve been eating terribly this trip, so when I get home, it’s time to eat healthy to cleanse my system. After the show we took a double-decker bus back to Oxford Circus and said our goodbyes. I do hope to come back and see them again!

Now I’m off to bed for a looong flight tomorrow (10.5 hrs). Time to catch up on movies and read a Kindle book maybe 🙂

One thought on “London Theater Night with Joey & Lance

  1. I’m glad you liked the lion king. I thought that was one you would like because of the costumes. I liked the gazelles! If you already finished your girly books, then there are some other book on the kindle.

    You can read about humans future 2 million years in the future in “Vacuum diagrams” or you can read about pirates in “pirates landing” or you can read about fun statistics in “freakonomics” the list goes on and on…

    Can’t wait to see you. travel safe. Mua!

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